Tips on How to Ask your Professor about Deadline Extension


In college, students often face a situation when they cannot cope with all their assignments on time. There are a lot of reasons why students may not finish their papers on time. It can happen because of family problems, sickness, broken heart, tons of other tasks, or tight deadlines. If you are in such a situation, you should ask your professor about deadline extension for your assignment. Sometimes, professors do not like giving extensions but if you ask for it in a proper manner, you will definitely get it.

So, look through some tips on how to ask your professor to extend the deadline

The best way is to personally ask your professor to extend your deadline

You can meet with your professor in person and sincerely explain the reasons why you cannot perform your task on time. However, if you cannot find your professor, you may contact him/her via e-mail or by phone. It is also a good way since it allows you to easily express your problem and explain the reasons in detail without interruption. But you should notice that some professors do not like receiving emails since they may suggest that you want to avoid a direct conversation with them. That is why if there is no answer within 24 hours, it is better to directly talk with your professor.

Be honest and truthfully state why you are in need of such extension

Professors like when students tell the truth. Honestly explain your situation, try to persuade your professor that you deserve a second chance. You should remember that even the strictest professors can understand and sympathize with your trouble.

Don’t forget to be nice

Every time when you ask your instructor to postpone the due date, you have to start your conversation with an apology for such circumstances. This shows your professor that you take the responsibility for such actions. At the end of your dialogue, you should thank your professor for his/her time and for considering your request.

Hope these tips will help you in difficult situations. But if you want to avoid such unpleasant circumstances, visit which will aid you to cope with all your assignments on time no matter what the situation is!