Asking Professor for an Extension as a Way out When You Go Behind

As the year is about to end, it seems that there are so many assignments to be completed that it is even complicated to count them all. In college, students often face a situation when they cannot cope with all their assignments on time. There are a lot of reasons why students may not finish their papers on time. It can happen because of family problems, sickness, broken heart, tons of other tasks, or tight deadlines. The end of each semester is always extremely strained and challenging in terms of delivering assignments within the deadlines. In most cases, studying for the whole night is a quite helpful option, but it doesn’t usually help with the complex papers that just cannot be done overnight. How about asking your professor for an extension? If you are in such a situation, you should ask your professor about deadline extension for your assignment. Sometimes, professors do not like giving extensions but if you ask for it in a proper manner, you will definitely get it. A deadline extension may be an effective method to do your best. We have compiled a list of tips for those who go toward the decision to ask for an extension.

In Which Situation You Should Set Sights on Getting an Extension

Of course, it is not a universal option for everybody. But it comes out that sometimes it is the best thing you can make use of in a situation when you catastrophically lack time. Having worked for a long time with your project, you may need to go an extra mile to cover the topic completely. Students may ask for an extension when they need to add a couple of elements to the project they have almost completed. Whenever you are sure to enhance a paper with those additional components, do not doubt to tell it to your professor. It happens often that instructors make a concession and let you compose the entire paper the most comprehensively.

One more appropriate situation to use the variant of deadline prolongation is when you head off the track or there are no enough resources to develop an issue. Sometimes, all the students in a class face the same difficulty, so it may definitely make your professor worried. If the deadline is impossibly ambitious, or the majority of undergraduates scrape through to find at least some appropriate material, there are high chances to get an extension.

If you have a reputation of a persistent and hardworking student, it may also work for you. If somebody from the class shows nice results during class activities and tests, and digs deeper completing homework, why should a professor be not willing to compromise?

How to Ask for an Extension on an Assignment?

So, look through some tips on how to ask your professor to extend the deadline. Hope these tips will help you in difficult situations. But if you want to avoid such unpleasant circumstances, visit which will aid you to cope with all your assignments on time no matter what the situation is!

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  • Asking in advance, you demonstrate your involvement in the process and high concern of time planning

It shows that you are interested in the project’s thoroughness and success. That is why, find out a justified reason and introduce it to your professor. It is the first right step to receive the wanted extension. So, write an email explaining the current state of things and describe what the true and sound argument to respond to your appeal positively is. If you are uncertain what to conclude in the letter, look for some examples in the Internet and follow one of the suggested scenarios. Here is the way we view it:

Dear Professor ________,
It has been quite complicated for me to find the appropriate sources for my research paper. For the purpose of completing it the most qualitatively, I could make use of some extra time to investigate a little more and put the results in my project. Is there any possibility to get an extension for a couple of days?
I am kindly asking you to inform me in case you would like to talk over this further.
[Your name]

  • The best way is to personally ask your professor to extend your deadline

You can meet with your professor in person and sincerely explain the reasons why you cannot perform your task on time. However, if you cannot find your professor, you may contact him/her via e-mail or by phone. It is also a good way since it allows you to easily express your problem and explain the reasons in detail without interruption. But you should notice that some professors do not like receiving emails since they may suggest that you want to avoid a direct conversation with them. That is why if there is no answer within 24 hours, it is better to directly talk with your professor.

  • Be honest and truthfully state why you are in need of such extension

Professors like when students tell the truth. Honestly explain your situation, try to persuade your professor that you deserve a second chance. You should remember that even the strictest professors can understand and sympathize with your trouble.

  • Don’t forget to be nice

Every time when you ask your instructor to postpone the due date, you have to start your conversation with an apology for such circumstances. This shows your professor that you take the responsibility for such actions. At the end of your dialogue, you should thank your professor for his/her time and for considering your request.

  • Consider what exact period of time you need to outwork your project

If you have already configured to ask for an assignment lengthening, do not leave it too late, as it may create an impression that it is the only salvation option because of procrastination. Minutes to spare prolongation request is an attempt foredoomed on failure. This is truly one of the most crucial ideas that you should remember of and think realistically of the way your research goes ahead of time.

This is really crazy to try to catch up with all the assignments that you haven’t managed to accomplish previously. Making yourself entirely exhausted would make no good. On the contrary, you may get lost and absolutely puzzled not knowing what to do. For sure, this is not something you desire. It is okay if you feel terrified to ask for a prolongation, but this is the best option available. The worst thing that may happen, if you do not take actions, is that you may fail a task or even a class. Therefore, at times, a request for a later submission of a paper is the crucial thing that defines your performance. No one can guarantee that your professor will be excited with such an idea and will adhere to your suggestion, but it is worth a shot.

Being able to manage time effectively is a crucial skill for every student. The majority eagerly try to organize themselves and to schedule everyday routine so that there is a balance in all the spheres of life. It defines the attitude towards assignments and our chances to cope with them not going off the track. This is how you can keep track of the progress, which you are making. When everything is carefully arranged, you can gradually develop yourself, polish certain skills and keep fully involved in the process of studying. However, being snowed under the tasks, you may lose control of everything; this is when an extension should be necessarily employed.

What is the Right Time to Ask for an Extension?

The realized feeling of exhaustion and fatigue is a sign that shows your inability to proceed with work. You may also get indifferent for some period of time, being fed up with all stressful experiences.

You may understand that you have already done everything that relied upon you, and there is much more to be done to cover the issue, which you have chosen. These are the circumstances to address your research advisor. Probably, the argument doesn’t sound as a weighty one, so reformulate it saying that you are short of time to compose an engrossing assignment. Additionally, you may have in a perspective some absorbing data, for example, statistics or some other details, to add. Having a prolonged deadline, you will be free to collect something catching and bring it in.

Contrastingly, you may run out of ideas and it would be quite challenging to produce at least anything in the further process of writing. That means you are in need for a pause to rethink a subject and to have a look at it from a different angle. There is no doubt, submitting not a fully complete paper will lower the points you get.

Apart from that, there may be some external factors that prevent you from working on the content of a project. For instance, you may be sick, or there may be some unexpected family circumstances or personal issues. It doesn’t let you to concentrate on the research, so do not be shy to tell the truth to your supervisor.

Think ahead and do not get trapped in a situation that you start discussing an issue of late submission of a project with your research advisor at the very last moment.
You are not safe from refusal, and that may be a wise and fare decision of a supervisor. In this situation, you should not despair. There is a great number of writing services with qualified teams of professionals. They will look for the best solutions for your assignment within the given limit of time. Feel free to contact them and you will be provided with a service you need. Just imagine what a great deal of time you could save.

If you still feel like asking for an extension, grasp all the responsibility. Formulate a sound argumentation for such a request and go ahead.

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