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Questions – Answers is a type writing that implies responding to the essay questions in a paragraph form. The total word count does not include the questions, only the provided answers. This task requires neither an introduction nor a conclusion. Q&A differs from a typical essay: so, it does not require a thesis, but there should be the topic included and clear concluding ideas. The free extras are the following: Title Page, Bibliography, References, and Works Cited.

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Short Answer Questions and Essay Questions: What Is the Difference?

A written response to an essay question may be different in length: from a few well-developed paragraphs to a many-page essay with a complex prompt. Along with the short answer questions, essays let the students express their views, demonstrate understanding of the question, and be creative; however, essay writing requires more time and efforts as the students cannot merely bluff in giving the answer. Even if the answer can be found in no time, it is not an easy task to make it look perfect and reasonably structured for an excellent grade.

If you trust our questions answers writing service, you will see different approaches to structuring the paper and make sure that the essay questions are completely different from the questions which require only short answers. On the on hand, the college essay questions allow for more creativity as the students can use the course material in different ways depending on their abilities and creative skills. Thus, in most cases testing of the students’ abilities to evaluate, do the analysis and synthesis, and demonstrate high cognition level is done in the form of essay writing. It should be noted that effective short essay questions require perfect structuring, formatting, and more efforts taken to achieve the expected results.

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If to compare giving one-paragraph answers to five questions to writing a standard five-paragraph essay, the latter is typically perceived as a more complicated and time-consuming task by the students. As essay writing provides for the increased time and corresponding workload, there cannot be a lot of essay questions in the exam; thus, the exam is restricted only to certain topics. Moreover, the students usually get the option of choosing only one question to answer out of several options provided.

Word count standard: for open-ended questions: 1 page of double spacing contains 300 words; 1 page of single spacing contains 600 words.
Word count standard: for questions with short answers: 1 page covers 5 questions.
Short essay questions example: In case the customer needs to get 15 questions answered in short paragraphs of approximately 100 words each, the answers will require an order of 5 pages or 1,500 words in strict accordance with the company policy.

Buy Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions require that students should choose definite answers from the given list. It is worth stressing that the introductory and concluding parts are not required.

Multiple choice questions, known as selected responses or fixed choices, require that a student identifies the right answers from among a presented set of the possible alternatives that he / she has at his / her disposal. Possible or fixed answers are prepared by the teaching staff in advance. It is of great significance to indicate that a thesis is also inessential!

 According to the word count rule: multiple choice questions are usually calculated in compliance with the “5 questions per page” rule.
Example: A student uploads the file with 15 questions, which equals the price of 3 pages.

Online Test Help

Onlline test help is created specifically for those students whose biggest challenge and fear is online quiz. Many students find this experience really stressful due to the potential technical troubles that may arise in the process of the online quiz completion.

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Online test help provides you with a perfect opportunity to get rid of your excessive worries regarding how you will pass the test. Our Online QUIZ help company provides a variety of services for our clients: online home tasks, online projects, online quizzes, online exams, and others. Our reputable Online EXAM HELP company guarantees that the exam you order from us will be passed successfully within the set time frame. Our professionals major in a variety of disciplines and therefore can offer expert help in different subjects. On the whole, online quizzes are similar to regular multiple choice questions. The only difference is that the online test, exam or quiz should be passed in an online regime in real-time mode.

The structure, however, is the same: a student is expected to choose one right (or sometimes wrong) answer among the list of options provided. The answers are already provided, so you just need to select the most appropriate one according to the assignment. There is no need to generate answers on your own.

The word count limit rule is as follows: one page comprises five questions. As such, if you have 20 questions to answer, you have to pay for 4 pages.

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