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Hiring managers spend 5-10 seconds on the initial review of one resume. From there, your resume will either be discarded right away or it will be selected for further assessment. That means that you have no more than 10 seconds to make an impression on the prospective employer with your resume (no wonder people often choose professional resume writing services?). And if you start digging, you will find it fascinating how small resume mistakes can eliminate candidates right off the bat. For example, the unprofessional email account for the rejection of over 70% of resumes. That said, writing a resume is quite a challenge if you are serious about getting a job within the next few weeks.

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A resume is the only chance to make a first impression on the employers. If you fail there, it is highly unlikely you will get a second chance. Therefore, you have to make sure that you submit a stellar resume before you start wondering why you are getting no feedback from the companies. The question of using professional resume writing services as opposed to doing it all by yourself becomes all the more interesting for job seekers in this context.

Don’t trust those who say you can’t write your own resume. Because you can. The main question here is how good it will be. Will it be good enough to generate the interest of hiring authorities? Will it be good enough to land you interviews? Ultimately, will it be good enough to help you get job offers? These questions are important to ask yourself because it all boils down to the results – what kind of results your resume is going to bring?

Professional Resume Writing Service

Resume writing services have career experts and they know how to deliver results with resumes. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it as well. Who knows you better after all? At, we believe that you can write an effective resume on your own. All you have to do is to research the latest resume writing standards, familiarize yourself with how applicant tracking software works, study powerful action verbs, learn about effective resume formats, understand how hiring managers assess resumes, and lastly, get to know what makes resumes effective. Now all of this information is available online for free. The problem is if you don’t know anything about the aforementioned subjects. Then it means you will have to spend a huge amount of time researching and studying this information before you can get to resume writing.

Professional resume writing services can save this time for you if you’ve got other things to do. The career experts and qualified writers know all of these things. At, professional resume writing services guarantee that you will have a much better chance to land interviews and job offers. That said, the choice is yours. You can do it on your own or entrust your next career move to professional resume service at Either is fine.

What is a good resume according to our certified professional resume writer?

Now people often have a different understanding of what a good resume looks like. At, our professional resume writers agree to one thing – a good resume lands target job interviews and helps to get a job offer. But this is a bit too generic. The question is what makes a good resume?

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In other words, what makes resumes land job interviews? Here is what our professional resume writers think:

  • A powerful resume always highlighting relevant qualifications, credentials, and experience
  • A stellar resume focuses on accomplishments (results) rather than responsibilities (routine job descriptions)
  • An effective resume features a coherent career story related to the target job
  • It contains powerful action verbs
  • A job landing resume has a clear structure and a clean format allowing hiring managers to quickly navigate through the document

Obviously, there are more things that could be added to the list but these are key components. If you take any of them, your resume will lose a lot. While it is not easy to create an accomplished-based resume that outlines relevant credentials and career story with powerful words and clean design, our best professional resume writers have been doing that for a living. It can sometimes take up to a couple of days until we deliver a fine product matching our criteria. But that’s why our professional resume writing service is considered one of the best in the industry – we pursue quality over quantity.

The List of our Professional Resume Writing Services

A resume isn’t the only document used for job application purposes. In fact, sometimes it is not enough to have only a resume. Employers often require candidates to submit a cover letter or other documents along with a resume. If you fail to do so, you will disqualify yourself. Therefore, we have come up with the list of resume services that reflect both client needs and employers’ wants.

  • Resume Service. This is the basic service we have at It is split into two categories: resume writing and resume editing. Regardless of which one you are going to choose, your resume will have a much better chance of landing interviews.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service. This package includes a cover letter in addition to your main marketing document. This is the most popular choice of our clients as it covers initial application steps job seekers are required to make.
  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Letter Service. This is what we call a full package – it covers not only the application but a follow-up after an interview. It is a great way to demonstrate your interest in the job as well as remind the employers about your desire to work for their company.

These professional resume writing services you can find at However, if you feel like the list isn’t comprehensive and it doesn’t contain a service you would like to order from us, feel free to contact our live support team. We try to be flexible in order to meet the needs of our clients.

There are many resume companies online offering almost identical services. The majority of them have reassuring promises that they will help land a job. We have had hundreds of customers coming to our company after they believed the slogans of so-called professional resume companies. We have been recognized by our clients as the best resume writing service and we are proud to carry this recognition throughout our daily activities – this is the motivation that keeps us going.

Why is the Best Resume Writing Service?

  • Best writers: our best professional resume writers can make all the difference in the world for their customers. Their pay directly corresponds with customer satisfaction rates and, therefore, they are interested in the success of our clients. Motivated and certified resume writers – what else can you expect from a resume company?
  • Super friendly support team: if you stumbled upon a problem or you simply need assistance along the way, our amazing customer support reps are always happy to help you out. They are available 24/7 which means we will solve your problems as they arise.
  • Easy to use ordering system: we have developed an error-free and easy-to-use order form that allows placing your order within 2 minutes. All you have to is to provide your information and contacts. It is super intuitive so you won’t need any additional help.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee: the best part about our resume help service is that we will work with your documents until you are happy with the result. You can request revisions as many times as you need – we understand that your resume is very important to you.

Professional Resume Writing Services Cost: Affordable Fee for Quality Outcomes

If you have ever surfed the internet to find affordable resume writing services, it is very likely that you were shocked at some point by seeing how much some companies charge. $200, $300 and even $500 for a resume package doesn’t sound reasonable. More than that, there is rarely a guarantee that you can walk away with your money if you are not happy with the result. Just imagine taking $300 out of your pocket to pay for a resume service and then applying for jobs with no result! Crazy, right? At we developed and enforced a pricing policy that is both reasonable and fair to everybody.

You can have a resume makeover for as little as under $60 if you have a resume that needs to be edited! If you want a complete makeover, the prices start from $70 for a 5-day deadline. While some job seekers believe that these are not cheap resume writing services, the prices of our competitors confirm the opposite. Besides, we have regular discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and even 20%. If you are attentive enough when searching through our website, you can find discount codes that will help you get your stellar resume from even cheaper!


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Resume Writing Help Process

What it takes to have your resume written by an expert? Not much. You can do it everything while sitting on the couch with your laptop. Alternatively, you can do it from your smartphone.

Our resume help process consists of the following steps:

  1. Visit and go to the order form page.
  2. Fill out the order form providing information about your career as well as your contact details.
  3. Pay for your order (please note that we will not release the money to your resume writer until you are happy with the result).
  4. Provide additional information to your resume writer if you need so. You can use our messaging system or get on to our live chat.
  5. Download the first draft as soon as the writer uploads it on the website (you will be notified via email).
  6.  Review the draft to see if there are any inconsistencies or things you would like to change.
  7.  Approve the writer’s work by sending a quick message in the system
  8. Request revision to be made until you get the resume you wanted to see.

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What Sets apart as the Best Resume Writing Service?

We have been provided resume help services for over 10 years now. Our experience paired with a team of certified resume writers cannot be matched with that of any other resume writing company.

Here are three main reasons why our resume services will beat any other writers:

  • Reason 1. We work until you are fully happy with your brand new resumes. When you order from our online resume writing service, you know you have a reliable partner in your job efforts. We are not going to ditch you after uploading the resume paper. In other words, there is no risk to receive a subpar document.
  • Reason 2. Our professional resume writers know inside information about how hiring decisions are made because all of them have a former HR background. This helps them develop resumes that generate the attention of hiring authorities which means you are more likely to land an interview.
  • Reason 3. Our professional resume writing service guarantees on-time delivery of your resume (cover letter, thank you letter). We know how important the timing is for job application. Therefore, we always deliver resume papers in accordance with the deadlines set by our clients.

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