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If you have been assigned a short story analysis essay but do not know how to handle it, you need to define for yourself what a short story writing actually is. As it can be inferred from the title, short story writing relates to providing an essay based on some assigned short story. Short story essay writing may be really easier than essay writing based on some long novels. Still, if literature is not your thing, you might probably need ‘Write my short story essay’ professional help. A good thing about short story essay writing is that you will not have to spend a lot of time on the very process of reading. Even if the assigned short story is boring, be sure that you will be able to handle it.

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So, what is the very short story?

It is a short literary work (normally prose), which focuses on a specific event, character or occurrence. The time frame of this even is usually limited – the short story may even focus on an event that happens during a few hours or a day. Despite the fact, the short story may have some deep meaning that you will have to analyze in your short story essay. Moreover, apart from knowledge and understanding of the short story, you also to be well-versed in the literary devices in order to provide a comprehensive analysis.

How to Write a Short Story Analysis Essay?

When you get a short story essay assignment, you will have to pay attention to the structural elements of the short story, such as the plot, the characters, the setting, and so on as well as to the literary devices, such as metaphors, epithets, symbolism, irony, and the overall writing style.

Preferably, when you are working on a short story analysis essay assignment, be sure to focus on one specific element of the story or analyze it from a single perspective. It will help you to provide a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis. When you choose a specific topic or a story line within the story, you will have to focus on how it develops throughout the story.

When working on a short story analysis paper, be sure you adhere to clear and logical structure. Think of the number of body paragraphs you will need to have in the paper. As such, devote each paragraph to a single idea. When it comes to the introduction, make sure that you set the scene of the story and make it clear what the plot is about. Be sure to finish the introductory paragraph with a strong and clear thesis statement. Remember to end the paper with a conclusion, which provides a logical completion of the story.

In some cases, when you are assigned a story analysis, you will also have to provide your own opinion at the end. As such, when you have this requirement, be sure that you express your opinion in an honest way. If the story has impressed you, feel free to state it. If you did not like the story, do not be afraid to state it – just provide some justification or argumentation for your claim.

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Why It Is Important to Be Aware of the Differences between a Novel and a Short Story

It really matters what literary genre you are required to provide an analysis essay on. As such, be sure that you know the differences between such genres as a novel, a short story, a play, and others. Depending on the genre, your essay will differ as well. Moreover, depending on the literary genre, you will have to focus on different literary aspects, such as the conflict, the rising and falling action, the resolution, etc. Some of the most frequently assigned literary works for analysis essays are novels and short stories. As such, it is critical to learn specific difference between them.


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Check out the following aspects:

  • Length. It is evident that a novel is larger than a short story (no wonder a short story is given the attribute „short“).
  • Space. The actions that take place in a short story are usually limited. As such, they are not developed in such great detail as in novels.
  • Time. Novels usually focus on some events or occurrences that extend over a long period of time (years or even epochs). When it comes to a short story, it focuses on the events during an hour, a few hours, a day, a few days, a week but not longer usually.

Essay vs. Short Story Differences

Essay writing is longer than short story writing. Moreover, an essay is usually a descriptive piece of writing whereas a short story is more of a narration. Concerning the plot or story line, an essay does not usually have one whereas a short story should have one in order to develop properly. The same concerns characters: essays do not normally have characters and they do not focus on the interaction between them. On the contrary, short stories focus on some main characters and their lives.

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If you think that you may be able to avoid short story essay assignments, you are mistaken. Students of college and university levels get this type of writing assignment on a regular basis hence the importance of knowing how to handle short story essay writing. Still, if the deadline is fast approaching and you have not even started reading the short story, it is highly recommended to seek professional help from experienced writers.

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Overall, there are people who are good at writing and people who are really bad at writing and depicting some phenomena in words. If you have been assigned a short story essay, you need to be sure how to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in such way that you are well understood.

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