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How to Write a Film Analysis Essay

If you have been asked to write a film analysis essay, you might assume that you will never use these skills again unless you are actually majoring film studies. But the truth is that if you can learn how to critique a movie, it will prepare you for the real world in which critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate are necessary skills. If you do not know how to write a film critique essay, this article will provide you with useful tips.

What Is a Film Analysis Essay?

Professors often ask their students to write a movie critique essay, and not just those in film classes. Whether you are taking a political science class, communication studies, marketing or even interpretive lit, you could very well be asked to provide a film critique that revolves around an important concept from your course, such as political propaganda, civil rights, and the like. Note that a film critique essay requires more than just watching a movie and summarizing it. You have to dig deeper and explain the filmmaker’s motivations, the purpose of the characters and scenes, and whether the movie succeeds in carrying out its objectives. In order to achieve this, you need to have paid attention to your course readings, especially if there are certain concepts that you need to apply as you are writing your film analysis essay. At the pre-planning stage, it would be good to read a film critique essay example so you have a better idea about what to write.

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Why Do Students Struggle With Film Critique Essays?

Most of us have been watching movies all of our lives, but beyond offering simple critiques like, “This plot is boring” or “The actors are really great” we rarely pay attention to the subtle nuances. We might be affected subconsciously, but few think about how the music, lighting and camera work enhances certain scenes. We also don’t think about the movie in any broader context, such as how it compares to other movies of the same genre or what how the filmmaker’s life experience influenced how they made the movie. In other words, the ability to analyze a movie requires a lot of deep insight as well as strong writing skills. But unfortunately most students lack the experience to write a proper movie analysis essay. This is where the film analysis essay writing service company comes in.

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For more than a decade, thousands of students just like you choose to buy film analysis essays from the leading academic writing service on the planet. Here, we provide smartly written movie analysis papers that are customized based on our customers’ needs. There are plenty of film analysis essay examples out there, but if you want a made-from-scratch paper based on your specific instructions, downloading and turning in a film analysis example will do you no good. Instead, order an essay that is guaranteed to be original, free of plagiarism, and written by a professional film critic who knows how to write a proper analysis. Of course, if you would like to give it a try yourself, read the article further for some useful tips.

How to Critique a Movie

The first step to writing a good film critique is obviously watching the movie itself, taking notes in the process. Your instructor will likely give you general guidelines about what to pay attention to, especially since they will want you to apply concepts that you have learned in class. For example, you might be asked to focus on elements of symbolism, mood, movie themes, the camera angles, the music, and plot devices. Once you have watched the movie and taken good notes, you will need to develop a good thesis statement that serves as the focus of the paper. In particular, you will make an argument regarding the way the movie is made and proceed to defend it using specific examples from the film itself. To better assist you in the writing process, you should write a good outline. To achieve this, take your notes and break it down into the introduction (where you briefly summarize the movie and state your thesis), the body paragraphs (containing the main support that you will tie back to the thesis), and the conclusion where you discuss the broader implications after having critiqued this particular movie.

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Writing an Introduction

In order to compose your introduction, briefly provide background of the movie, explain the elements that you plan to critique, write a thesis statement that is built upon this, and narrow down your arguments to three main points that the paper will proceed to discuss, using evidence from the film itself or from outside sources (especially if you are arguing the filmmaker’s motivations).

Writing a Good Thesis Statement

When writing your thesis statement, think about an element from the movie that really sticks out. Develop a good, logical argument that you will be able to defend, citing evidence from the movie or related sources. Keep the thesis short and to the point so that it remains focused.

 Writing the Body Paragraphs

As you are writing the body of the paper, remember that that your observations have to be linked directly to your thesis. For example, if your thesis statement argues that a film succeeds because of the filmmaker’s innovative techniques, you would proceed to identify some of these techniques (generally three since the body of a standard essay consists of three paragraphs).

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Tips for Writing Body Paragraphs

  1. Keep them focused on the main points.
  2. Each paragraph should contain only one argument.
  3. Use transitional phrases to maintain a proper flow between paragraphs.
  4. Make sure that the paragraphs flow smoothly together to form a coherent argument.

 Writing a Conclusion

A conclusion should not merely rehash what you have written, but to close things out by explaining what the reader should take away from the essay and why the critique was both necessary and important for understanding the movie better.


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