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A discussion board can be an online analogue of a classroom area designed for students’ interaction and communication. It is considered as a formal setting that has two main components: students’ discussion and participation. Discussion refers to original response to the assignment question initiated by one of the students. Participation, on the other hand, is a consequent process of responding to the existing discussion post. Here you do not have to create a new post on some new topic but you simply reply to the other student’s opinion. Whatever the assignment is, you have to be well aware of how to succeed in both discussions and participation because these two activities are a must when you participate in an online course.

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Remember that every instructor will provide his or her requirements for writing! A discussion board post written on your own should demonstrate that you have properly understood the course material and can provide a well-developed response to one of the course topics. You can ask questions or create new discussion threads. You can evaluate what other students have said and share your comments with others. You are free to use the online discussion forum the way you want it. However, you should still follow the requirements posted by your course advisor and stay within the limits defined by the topic and content of your program or discipline.

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Advantages of Discussion Board Posts Assignments:

  • Most professors love discussion board posts because they provide an opportunity to revisit the most important aspects of your learning during the course or program, and they open new opportunities for communication and interaction.
  • Most of the time, a discussion board post is an alternative to formal paper writing.
  • Students love them more than courseworks or papers because a discussion post gives them more freedom to express their thoughts and feelings. Quite often, such posts become a form of an interview, when several students come together to learn more about themselves and others.
  • Besides, a good discussion post can bring new grade points and improve your academic results.
  • In fact, every discussion post can demonstrate your skills and proficiency in the main discipline.
  • You can use this space to ask questions or share your comments with other students.

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