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If you do not know how to write a poem analysis essay or struggle with poem writing, count yourself among the 99%. In order to write a poem, you need to have a creative mind that is able to think outside the box. Likewise, when it comes to writing a poem analysis essay, you need to understand the subtleties of symbolic prose and critique poetry writing taking into account the genre, author, contemporary thought, and stylistic approach. While there are plenty of poem samples and poem analysis essay examples online, these guidelines are not likely to be helpful when you need to write a unique poem or have been asked with writing a poem analysis essay. This is where the poem analysis and poem writing service QualityCustomEssays.com comes into play. When you need poem writing help or are looking to buy a poetry critique paper that is customized to meet your professor’s requirements, you can always count on QualityCustomEssays.com to deliver.

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Let us take a look at the six most common styles:

  • Acrostic

These types of poems are usually geared towards children. They involve taking a letter from each line (whether it is the first, last or any other) and forming a “secret” word that can be read from top to bottom.

  • Ballad

These are narratives that are written in short stanzas. They were particularly popular as a form of poetry in the medieval times through the 19th century. Since they tend to have a certain musical quality about them, they are commonly used as a form of music as well.

  • Blank Verse

One of the features of this type of poetry is that, unlike most poems, the lines do not rhyme. However, they still follow a particular structure in which there are 10 syllables for each line, with stressed and unstressed syllables following each other.

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  • Epigram

These types of short poems are humorous and witty, with an ending that contains a punch line or clever retort. An epigram often includes two verses that contain a well-organized flow, although they can be as short as a single sentence-long.

  • Lyric

Much like ballad poems, lyric poetry follows a rhythm that can be described as musical. These types of poems are often written in first-person and contain emotional language. This technique was the favorite of such notables as Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost.

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Poem Analysis Essay Examples

Reading a poem analysis essay example might be helpful if you want to know what not to do as you complete the task. But it is not going to assist you in trying to extract the hidden meaning behind a particular poem. This is why you should order a custom poetry analysis essay from the experts at QualityCustomEssays.com. Reading and evaluating poetry is our passion. In fact, our team includes experts who have published poems themselves, which means they know exactly what to do when they write your poem critique for you. Our services are affordable and we always deliver our custom work on your schedule. This means we can complete your order within a couple of weeks or even a few hours depending on when you need it! No job is too great or too small for our talented authors.

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Poem Analysis Essay Types

Along with giving you an option to buy poetry online from a leading custom academic writing company, we can help you tackle those pesky poem analysis essays. While you might not ever analyze poetry once you head out into the world, the ability to examine writing beyond the surface can help you solve problems that are relevant to your future profession. Here are three of the most common types that you will be assigned.

  1. Poem Critique

For this type of essay, you will typically be asked to examine an individual poem and build an argument using a thesis statement as the foundation. Aside from summarizing the main parts of the poem, you should explain what is effective about the writing along with any possible weaknesses. Ultimately, a critique of a poem is intended to help students find enjoyment in poetry that goes beyond merely interpreting the words at face value.

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  1. Poetry Comparison Essay

There are several different ways in which your instructor might ask you to approach this assignment. In particular, you might examine two different poems written by the same author, written by different authors but of the same genre, or two poems of similar meaning but conveyed through different styles. You will often need to do some background research in order to provide some context. This is especially important if the poem is intended to address certain issues that were of significance at the time they were written.

  1. Poetry Explication Essay

Many students would agree that this type of poetry essay assignment is the most difficult since it requires you to prescribe emotional meaning to the words as you link them to the broader poem itself. For instance, it is necessary to discuss how the word choices, units, tone, styles and forms of writing help effectively convey a story. In the end, you should be able to discover something about the poetry that you had not previously considered.


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