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When students and researchers write a paper, they are always required to include a reference list. But in some cases, they are asked to evaluate the sources they’ve cited, including a brief summary of the work and its appropriateness for the paper. Referred to as an annotated bibliography, each source should be about a paragraph in length and consist of between 100 and 200 words.

Annotated bibliographies are useful because they allow for better organization as you are working on the paper and allow you to justify the reasons for using each source. Discussing the key points of each citation makes your paper appear more credible in the mind of the reader.

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It is extremely rare for students to write annotated bibliographies as part of their essay assignments, which is why this task often catches them by surprise when their college or university professor requests one. In other words, most students feel unprepared when it comes to writing an annotated bibliography. Once they learn more about how to write one, they begin to realize it is a tedious, time-consuming task.

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The ability to write an annotated bibliography comes in handy when you are a student, especially if you aspire to get your master’s or PhD. If you do not do it correctly, your paper grade is going to suffer even if you had otherwise done an excellent job with the rest of the paper. Down below you will find some useful information on how to write the perfect annotated bibliography. It might seem like an overwhelming task at first – you could even argue that the work required to write a standard reference list is already difficult enough considering all the formatting guidelines – but once you get it down it will become a routine that does not require much effort.

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Useful Tips for Successful Writing a Proper Annotated Bibliography

Have you been assigned to write a paper that includes an annotated bibliography but do not know where to begin? Our professional annotated bibliography writers are pleased to offer you some advice that is sure to get you on the right track!

Select Your Research Sources

The first step is fairly obvious: you need to gather up the resources that you might plan to use in your research paper. Once you have done that, a significant part of the task is already complete!


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Scan over the Works

Take some time to read over summarizes of the sources that offer various viewpoints related to your topic. A quick and efficient way to accomplish this is by reading article abstracts.

Begin Writing the Annotation

As you write your annotated bibliography, remember to include the complete citation first followed by the annotation. Note that some instructors will want the references to be listed in chronological order whereas others will ask it to be organized alphabetically.

Here are some things you will want to include depending on what your instructor requires:

  • The purpose of the source
  • A brief summary of the source
  • The target reader that the author of the work is trying to reach
  • An explanation for why this source is relevant to your research
  • Any details that make the source stand out
  • The source’s strengths, weaknesses or perceived biases

Make Sure to Use the Specified Citation Formatting Style

As with a regular reference list, your annotated bibliography needs to be formatted according to MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago style. If your instructor has not mentioned which style to use, make sure to ask.

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