How long does it take to assign a writer?

We are doing our best to assign an appropriate expert in the shortest time possible. Usually, it takes from a few minutes to a few hours. In some cases, it may take more time depending on the order`s complexity, writer`s availability, etc.

When a suitable writer is found, you will see his or her personal ID in the Writer line. If your order has the “Order verification” status, it means that your payment did not go through yet and you will need to pay for your order/send your payment receipt. If you see the “Processing” status, it means that the order is already verified in the system and an appropriate writer assigned. Finally, if you see that your order has the “Sent/Completed” status; it means your order is finished and ready to be downloaded.

Can I work with the writer, who completed my previous order? (I like his/her writing style/I have received a good grade for a paper written by this writer) I want this writer to complete other assignments for my course.

Yes, you are free to choose the Preferred Writer`s option at our service. When filling in the order form, make sure to indicate the personal ID of the writing expert you want to deal with. Once the order is verified, we will assign the request writer. Pay attention that this option will cost you an additional 15% of the overall order price. This payment will go directly to your chosen expert to ensure the priority of your paper among other tasks.

Who is going to be the writer of my paper?

Unfortunately, the majority of companies, which operate on the market nowadays, hire inexperienced students or foreigners, who speak very poor English to write academic papers. Our company finds this totally unacceptable. We only work with the specialists from the US or UK, who hold at least a master’s degree and have excellent research and academic writing skills. It is a serious investment and not every company can afford this. However, in the long run perspective, it proves to be quite an effective thing to do. This is why you benefit from choosing our company among other agencies available on the market. The majority of students, who place an order at once, remain our regular customers.

Is there a way for me to reach my writer or ask him/her a question?

We do realize that the communication between the writer and the customer plays a significant role. It often happens that the writer may need some clarifications from the customer, or the customer may desire to give some additional information to the writer or ask him/her about the writing process. Therefore, our company has worked out a very comfortable messaging system, which allows our customers to get in touch with their writers in a very short period of time in order to ask any questions or provide any important information. You can easily do it from your personal order page.

Is there a way for me to chat with my writer in real time or hold a video conference?

We highly value the confidentiality of our customers as well as the confidentiality of our writers. This is why we do not offer such functionality as video calls between a customer and his/her writer. However, text messaging systems are quite effective ways of solving any important issues related to the process of paper developing. If your matter is urgent, our customer support team will find ways to inform the writer about it and he/she will respond to your question as soon as possible.

Can I receive a refund in a form of bonus credits? How will I receive them?

If you want to get a refund in the form of bonus credits, you will need to notify either our support representatives or our Financial Department managers about your decision. Once your case is reviewed and the refund is approved, bonus credits will be assigned to your personal account. As soon as the bonus credits are sent to your account, you will be able to use them to pay for your orders. Keep in mind that bonus credits will be assigned to your account only when your request is approved.

I was informed that my order will be refunded. How long should I wait?

The refund process may take from 3 to 5 business days and depends on the work of your payment processing company.

I want the writer to make corrections to the paper but a free revision period has already expired. What can I do?

If your revision request is late, you will need to place a new order choosing the Revision type of assignment.

How can I get my paper revised?

You can request a free revision within 48 hours. To send your revision request directly to the writer, you will need to go to My Orders – Completed Orders. Then, you will need to find the necessary order ID and send a detailed revision request to the writer providing a reasonable deadline for making changes.

Can we negotiate the order price?

The prices you can see on our website are stable. However, you can always address our support team with the price negotiation request and they will assist you. At our writing service, we have a great discount program. Thus, you will receive a special discount coupon that will help you economize your savings.

I have already paid but the system is still asking me to pay. What should I do?

In this case, you will need to check your email for a payment receipt and forward it to us. A receipt can also be found in the Trash or Spam folders. In case you have not received it, you will need to check for a bank statement in order to figure out if you were charged. Please, forward your bank statement to our Financial Department so that our managers could track your payment down. If you have neither a payment receipt nor a bank statement, it means that your payment did not go through and you will need to pay for your order again using another device/browser/payment processing system/card/etc.

Can I break down my payment into several parts in agreement with my budget?

The payment process can be divided into separate affordable steps: your paper will be delivered to you chapter by chapter (for Papers with 20+Pages)

Would you like to make some easy money with us?

Our Referral Program: Refer a Friend and You Can Earn Some Cash!

Are you satisfied with our service? Then we have an amazing offer for you courtesy of our referral program! Refer your friends and if they place an order, we will pay you in the amount equal to 10% of what your friend paid! If you spread the word and convince your friends to order from us, you can find yourself with some extra cash in your pocket! Simply sign in to your account and you will find a referral link. Every time a friend of yours orders on our site using your referral code, we will pay you in the amount equal to 10% of what your friend paid for their order! You are free to use that money the way you wish.

I have already done a part of my assignment. Can you handle the rest?

Yes, we can assist you with finishing your order. In case of having any questions about the order placement, feel free to contact our support representatives via email, phone, or Live Chat and they will assist you.

What assignment type should I choose?

If you are not certain what order type should be selected, you need to discuss it with our support managers. They will ask you to provide clear instructions so that they can guide you. Once they are done with studying your prompt, you will be instructed on the order type to be selected.

Can you help me complete my online test?

Yes, we provide our customers with professional help with passing their online tests. When placing your order, you will need to choose the “Online Exam” order type. Then, you will need to provide us with all the necessary lectures, readings, and files that may help your writer get prepared for your test successfully. Besides, when filing in the order form, you will need to indicate the duration of the test, the date, and time zone. We will find an appropriate writer, who will get ready for your test and pass it successfully.

When will I receive the final paper? Where can I find the work?

In accordance with our policies, each paper is delivered to the customer only after the deadline expiration. If you want to figure out when you will receive your paper, you need to do the following:

Go to My Orders – Processing Orders – find the necessary order – check the Delivery field. By doing this, you will see the exact time of the order delivery.

Here is a way to find your paper in your personal profile:

Go to My Orders – Completed Orders – find the necessary order – check the Files section. If you find it too difficult to find the file, feel free to get in touch with our support managers and they will gladly help you download it.

Can I receive a draft for my paper?

Yes, you are free to order a draft for your paper to make sure that your writer understands your topic well. If you pay for a 1-page draft, it will become available to you after half of the deadline. Pay attention that a draft option requires additional payment.

I cannot proceed with the order form. It keeps loading.

Most probably, you are trying to upload the attachments of the inappropriate size or format. Please, try to submit the order form without any attachments. Meanwhile, just forward all the necessary files to our support managers indicating the correct order ID and we will forward them to the writer working on your order.

I have mistakenly selected the wrong academic level (urgency, assignment type, the number of pages). Can I add more pages to my order? Can the order form be fixed?

You will not be able to edit the order form once it is submitted. However, adding more pages to your paper is possible. You will need to go to the My Orders section and place a new order indicating that it is related to the one that has the Processing or Completed status. Pay attention that the price for your order will be recalculated to cover the deadline changes. In case of any questions or inquiries at this stage, feel free to contact our support managers and ask them to guide you.

Can I change my phone number/password/email?

Yes, you are free to update information in your personal profile by clicking on the Edit tab. Do not forget to save changes if you want to have your profile fixed.

Am I obliged to provide my phone number/email?

No, but we strongly recommend you to do it as it will greatly facilitate our communication. In case any clarifications on your assignment are needed, we will find it easier to reach you having your valid email or phone number.

If you are worried about your privacy, you should know we keep all personal information of our customers maximally private and confidential. We avoid any privacy issues by following the rule that does not allow our writers to get personal information of our customers, including their names, e-mails, or phone number. At the same time, customers cannot get writers` personal data as well.

Can I trust your service?

Yes, you certainly can. You can read the feedback on our services on the Internet and find out what other customers, who have already used our services, have to say about the quality of our written papers. We have invested a lot of time and effort in order to obtain trust of our customers and the reputation of a very trustworthy company. Therefore, we will not let our reputation go down. This is why we are highly interested in providing the highest possible quality of services to all customers. Thus, you should trust our company and be confident of obtaining the highest possible quality of writing services.

Why should I prefer your company? What makes it stand out of the row of other similar companies?

Our company is the world’s leader in the field of academic writing. It gives us an opportunity to provide you with highly personalized service, and assign the writers, who specialize in your particular research field to work on your paper. This becomes possible due to the largest team of academic writers hired by our company. Our company also has professional editors, who proofread papers after they are written by the writers. At last, if you find out that the paper you have ordered from us is either plagiarism or does not meet all of your initial instructions, you can count on a refund. Not every company offers that. To apply for a refund, you will have to send us a plagiarism report or state what initial instructions were overlooked by your writer. Please send your request 14 days after deadline expiration.

Is there a way I could contact you in case I have any questions or concerns?

We do everything for you to comfortably reach our customer support team at any time and in a way, which is convenient for you. You can call us using our toll free phone number; you can write us through live chat or email.

What additional information do I have to provide you with?

As a rule, the initial instructions our clients indicate in the order form are more than enough for successful paper development. However, if you have any additional sources, which may be used for writing your paper, please, upload them using your personal page on our website. This will help your writer work on the paper; it will help improve its quality. In case you order proofreading or editing services from our company, you certainly need to place the original document with the order.

Can I be sure that the paper I get from your company is not going to be plagiarized?

We take plagiarism matters very seriously. Therefore, we always check all our papers with the most up-to-date anti-plagiarism software. We can provide you with a copy of plagiarism report on demand.

Can I be sure that my paper will not be resold to somebody? Can I be certain that I will not get the paper which has already been sold to somebody else?

You can be 100% sure about it. We never resell or even publish the papers ordered from our company. We keep the copies of the works in our confidential base. You may be sure that there are only two people, who have seen the paper before you receive it. These people are your writer and the editor.

What if somebody gets to know about me using your service?

Nobody will ever find out, unless you reveal this information. Even your writer and editor will not know your name, and you do not have to give it. You can use a nickname instead. Our company guarantees you absolute confidentiality.

Can you complete an urgent order?

Yes, we have been dealing with urgent assignments for many years. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with our support team and ask our managers to confirm that your order can be completed within the set short deadline.

Can you send a paper earlier if the writer completed it before the deadline?

We deliver all our papers according to the deadlines set. The urgency of the order is one of the main components that define the order price. Thus, if you want to receive your paper earlier, you will need to compensate the writer’s work. We cannot ask our writers and editors to work urgently without the appropriate compensation.

I have made a mistake when choosing the urgency for my order. Can I get my paper earlier? What should I do about that?

Yes, we can deliver your paper earlier than the initially set deadline. However, according to our policies, you will need to compensate for the writer’s urgent work. The deadline influences the order price, thus if you want your deadline to be shorter, you will need to pay the difference in price between the urgency that was chosen initially and the one that is actually needed. For example, if you have ordered a paper with a 3-day deadline but you need it in only 24 hours, you will need to pay the price difference between these two urgentities. Once the compensation order is verified in our system, we will cut the deadline of the initial order.

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