An argumentative essay is a kind of paper, in which you have to establish a certain position on some topic and then use evidence to convince the reader to accept your opinion. To complete a good argumentative paper, you should investigate a couple of sides of the argument, which provides an opportunity to make an educated point of view. Then, it is necessary to collect evidence, including facts and statistic data, and add experts’ opinions.

Generally, the major objective of argumentative papers is to persuade people to accept a certain viewpoint.

How to Choose a Topic for an Argumentative Essay

If you are assigned to choose one of research argument topics, it is better to start with something you are acquainted with. Even if you are going to turn to the essay writing service for help, it will be much easier to speak about something you know. Besides, it will help you write a much more interesting paper. Besides, selecting an emotional topic for a college argumentative essay outline is also a good option. One of the most effective ways to change a person’s opinion is to invest emotions.

Choose Your Own Topic or Order a Customized Paper

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Steps of Writing an Argumentative Essay

Now, if you have selected a topic for your argumentative essay, try to write down your thoughts on a chosen issue. Here are some pieces of advice on how to do it.

Tips on writing an outstanding paper:

  • In the first paragraph, provide a short review of the topic, which you have chosen among other research argument topics, explain its importance and present a clear thesis statement.
  • When the introductory paragraph is ready, start writing the body of the article. In the body paragraphs, it is necessary to develop your arguments and support them with facts, statistic data and other reliable evidence. Make sure your support is logical, anecdotal, statistical, or factual depending on the chosen topic. In the body of your essay, describe the opposing opinions and explain why you think your point of view is right.
  • The last paragraph is the concluding one. It is often considered the most important one as it leaves the reader with the most immediate impression. You have to synthesize the information you have presented in the body of your paper and restate the importance of your topic, review major points and thesis statement. Make sure you do not present any new information in this paragraph.

Connection Words

One more useful piece of advice is to use connection words in your paper. These words are also called “transition words” or “transition phrases” and they hold the paper together by connecting thoughts and therefore, provide the flow of ideas.

Here are some connection words grouped by function:

  • Addition: additionally; also; and; as well as; equally; furthermore; in addition; like; not only…but also; not to mention; similarly; together with; too
  • Contrast: after all; although; as much as; besides; but; conversely; despite; even so/though; however; in contrast; in spite of; nevertheless; notwithstanding; of course…, but; on the contrary; on the other hand; or; otherwise; rather; regardless;
  • Cause or Purpose: as; as long as; because of; due to; for the purpose of; in case; in order to; only/even if; since; so that; unless; when; whenever; while; with this in mind;
  • Examples or Support: another key point; by all means; especially; for example; for instance; for this reason; in other words; surprisingly; truly;
  • Consequence or Result: accordingly; as a result; consequently; due to; for; for this reason; hence; in effect; in that case; since; so that; therefore; with the result that
  • Conclusion / Summary / Restatement: after all; all things considered; as a result; consequently; generally speaking; in conclusion; in fact; to summarize.

How Are Good Writing Skills Going to Help Me?

Writing argumentative papers helps develop argumentative thinking, which you will need to achieve success in future. As a rule, businesses and partnerships prosper due to the argument. Being able to present right arguments means you can prove your position and win in many situations.

Intellect rules the modern world. People who win concentrate on becoming better in their profession. That means we should not distract on things that are not important. That is right, if you want to achieve success, it is necessary to stay concentrated on what you would like to devote your life to. You have to conduct solid research to get better at your profession.

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If you want to write an argumentative essay on your own, here is a good list of research argument topics you might like to choose:

  • Middle/High School-Level

Should the number of passengers be limited in cars driven by minors?

Should teenagers get their parents’ permission to buy contraceptives?

  • College-Level

In what cases can military force be justified?

Should parents be responsible for their children’s crimes?

  • Funny

Should people believe in everything said in infomercial?

Should funny animal videos be allowed on YouTube?

  • Better Avoided

Why do athletes make so much money?

Can our political process be called fair?

  • Ecological Issues

What can people do to stop rainforests destruction?

Should we drill for oil in protected areas to reduce gas prices?

  • Classic

Sex education in schools as an effective way to eliminate teenage pregnancy

The negative effect of computer games on teenagers

  • Society and the Media

Are violent video games directly connected to violence in schools?

How do the social media affect the female perception of the body image?

  • IT Sphere

Violation of copyright rules by download sites

Do some Google services raise privacy and security concerns?

  • Bioethics

Should cloning be banned?

Can you justify the use of animals for research purposes?

  • Social Concerns

How do cross-cultural marriages affect racial tolerance?

Does single-parent children’s behavior differ from that of children with both parents?

  • Topics for Legal Discussions

Can the death penalty be justified?

Can gun control reduce crime?

  • Miscellaneous Topics

Do diets really help to get rid of extra weight?

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