How to Write an Essay Proposal

Are you a committed writer? Even if you hate writing, you will always need to know how to do it effectively and enjoy the process. How can actually a proposal essay be defined? Briefly, it is considered to be an essay that proposes an original idea. After that, it defends this idea by using thorough research as well as personal opinion so that whoever is trying to read it is persuaded with regard to the pros and cons of that idea.

It is important to mention that those who want to learn how to write a proposal essay should take into consideration the fact that proposals mainly refer to the following fields: education, business, and economics. However, this doesn’t mean that they are found only in these areas exclusively. Many other fields can also take advantage of proposal essay writing.

How to Begin a Successful Proposal Essay

Before you know exactly how to write a proposal essay, you ought to pay huge attention to the preparation to this writing. Thus, pretty much work you should do ahead of time. While reading the following paragraphs, you will realize that the ability to persuade others concerning your personal point of view is as much valuable as the research, which you need to do in advance.

Knowing what type of audience is going to read your work is definitely of great importance. As a matter of fact, the audience determines the tone of the paper and the type of sources that you will use for backing up the necessary arguments.

The research is a significant part of the writing process. Good research done ahead of time means that you will be able to fulfill the purpose of your essay in a more successful way. As a result, other people who will read your piece of writing will get persuaded to take your point of view.

You can begin with putting down a relevant list of ideas and use them in an outline. Even if there is no requirement to make an outline, it will help you keep your thoughts organized and write in a coherent way.

What is an introduction? It is believed to be a paragraph in which you ought to introduce the chosen topic to the audience. The introduction is one of the essential parts of the essay due to the fact that it reveals what is about to come and makes an attempt to convince people to read on.

Recommendations on Writing the Main Part of a Proposal Essay

  • The Proposal

The proposal is supposed to act as the chance to state a certain purpose. This is about explaining the purpose that lies behind creating the essay. It can consist of only several lines or be an entire paragraph. The length of the proposal depends on whether the essay itself is long or not, yet it ought to contain the problem, opinion, and topic that is going to be discussed.

  • The First Body Paragraph – Argument One

This paragraph is believed to be the paragraph where you are supposed to lay out your first important argument. Thus, you chosen argument might be for or against your proposal. Make sure that your writing looks clear and keeps to the topic. What is more, it is of great importance to reference everything properly and to support every argument in a thorough way, using well-checked facts.

  • The Second Body Paragraph – Argument Two

Here you ought to come up with an entirely new argument.

  • The Third Body Paragraph – Opposing Argument Three

A lot of people try to use it as a perfect chance of discussing an opposing opinion. It depends upon the writer whether he/she wants to use this paragraph for such purposes or not. If a writer makes up his/her mind to devote time to debunking opposing opinions or common arguments, the audience will realize that he/she has done profound research and the essay will sound really persuasive.

Tips on Concluding a Proposal Essay

The conclusion is not just a re-statement of the introductory paragraph. However, it is significant to reiterate the main arguments made in your proposal. Apart from that, don’t forget to point out various necessary pieces of information that might be quite essential at this stage.

Those people who are required to hand in a professional proposal essay should resort to the following steps. They are stating the goal that their proposal follows for ensuring that the target audience understands the main point and after that concentrating on why the proposal will work. What is more, you ought to keep in mind that any reference to the previous research in this direction needs to be mentioned. It goes without saying that stating any potential assets that might refer to the proposal should also not be omitted. However, it is necessary to make sure that they suit particularly your audience.

18 Proposal Essay Topics Easy and Fun to Write

You come into class and the professor asserts that the thing you’ll be doing today is quite interesting and new. Your heart beats really fast, and you feel anxious and then the professor’s question follows, “Why don’t we write a proposal essay?”

At first you think it is too much for you today, but don’t give up! This time your essay is going to be extremely easy and fun to write. Everything you need for it is just the right topic. It presupposes passion, careful planning, and thorough research. We are going to show you how to pick out a topic and to supply you with some good examples of proposal essay topics that will help you to get the idea better and create your own proposal essay topics.

Here, you can find a few relevant pieces of advice regarding proposal essay.

Before you start searching for your perfect proposal essay topic (and definitely before you make an attempt to write it), it’s vital to get to know what a proposal essay really is. Therefore, a proposal essay serves to identify an issue and suggest solutions to resolving it. It is similar to an argumentative essay, though it has a bit different format and involves more research. Proposal essay is widely used in business and science courses. It is not a limited in time class assignment. On the contrary, proposal essays take more time for researching, formulating arguments, and finding supporting evidence.

Thus, your ultimate objective is to persuade your readers that your proposals are indeed worth being considered.

Factors to Consider Choosing Proposal Essay Topics

There exist many different proposal essay topics, thus, essays themselves can differ greatly. Nevertheless, we found out some factors (“dos” as well as “don’ts!”) to take into consideration when trying to narrow down your potential proposal essay topics.

  • First of all, find something that you are really interested in

Essays of many types can be failed long before you start them. But when writing your proposal essay, you choose a really interesting for you topic, you will enjoy every minute of working on it.

It’s always pleasant to be passionate about your subject matter. Readers will feel it and will share your passion. What is interesting for you, will definitely be interesting for your audience.

DON’T: Try to avoid such topics as ‘ways to untangle your hair’ or ‘some effective ways to clean your house’. They are too simple and boring.

DO: Always write about things important for you or your closest people. If some of your siblings still go to school, choose education as a topic. For instance, ways of getting good psychological education in secondary school.

  • Select proposal essay topics with relevant support

As stated above, you’ll be doing quite a lot of research in order to present a good essay. So it will be very helpful, if a selected topic has already pretty much of relevant literature.

When you choose a topic for your proposal essay, it is important that it has both supporting and contradicting elements. It will help you to decide the side of an argument you may want to handle.

DON’T: Choose merely opinion topics without any facts to back them up. For example, making most out of your Sunday afternoons isn’t the best topic.

DO: Select a big, with some juicy facts topic which you can dive yourself into. For example, more funding in educational programs like the Magic School Bus, Sesame Street, or Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Additional Tip: When researching, try to take notes of the bibliographic information and page numbers on which you find the information. It will help you to ease citation formatting.

  • Choose an argument

As we have already defined, a proposal essay is a kind of argumentative essay. Evidently, you have to make sure your essay has a well-supported argument. When you choose a too one-sided topic, it can easily make you bored and will never serve your purpose well.

Writing an essay, you always strive to address some opposing ideas. Only doing so you’ll be able to create a comprehensive proposal. This informs your reader that you have touched all possible aspects of a chosen topic.

The way how you can define whether your argument is one-sided or not is that you actually will not be able to write a proposal essay using it. The whole paper will surely become either a process essay, or an argumentative essay (not the best one).

DON’T: Pick a topic like making a wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone definitely makes them in a bit different way, but your essay will surely turn into a process, not a proposal essay. Additionally, grilled cheese methods don’t really count as issues which need some good solutions.

DO: Choose something like how farmers and corporations work on improving living conditions for dairy cows. This indeed is a problem which needs some good solutions.

  • Consider your audience

Keep in mind that a proposal essay serves a purpose even outside of school. Thus, if you are writing it as a home assignment with only your teacher as your audience, just pretend that there are much more realistic readers who will decide whether your proposals are worth time and resources investment.

If you understand your potential audience, it will make your writing much easier. Moreover, it will also help you to decide the right topic out of various proposal essay topics.

DON’T: Select a topic with an audience you don’t feel comfortable with. For instance, if a group of academics is your potential audience, but you are not good at academic writing, you should better pick something other.

DO: Choose a topic with an audience you might easily relate to. For example, if you like writing about some social problems, and your potential audience is a group of volunteers, a proposal essay topic of your choice may be about the society.

Here are some good examples of proposal essay topics:

  • Education

  1. Ways for creating a well-rounded curriculum for students in middle and high school.
  2. Ways teachers may improve gender education courses.
  3. Foreign language courses improvements.
  4. How to grade students effectively?
  • Government

  1. Ways the government can best handle illegal immigration.
  2. How can the national debt be lowered?
  3. How can the electoral system become more effective?
  • Parenting

  1. Most effective ways to discipline children.
  2. Ways parents can encourage their children in extracurricular activities.
  3. How can parents teach their children about money most effectively?
  • Science

  1. How can the funds for cancer research be increased?
  2. What should be done to encourage children to choose education in science?
  • Society

  1. How can childhood obesity be reduced?
  2. Ways to decrease homelessness in the USA.
  3. How can tolerance be promoted within the US society?
  • Technology

  1. Ways people can reduce technology reliance.
  2. What parents and teachers can do to eliminate cyberbullying effectively?
  3. Ways for teaching children about reasonable Internet use.

We hope that some of the listed above proposal essay topics will catch your eye. If you find them useless, feel free to compose your own topics based on something you are indeed interested in solving.

All the best with your proposal essays!

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