All people always want to be one step ahead of others. No matter if it is a school, college, or workplace, we desire to be the best pupil, student, or worker. People are such beings who always strive to be ahead of others. In such a way, we prove ourselves that we worth something. However, we always remember and know that there is someone who is better; that is why offers some recommendations on how to be ahead of others, build self-confidence and develop a strong personality.

First of all, be yourself. It is very important to be yourself as this means that you will not play different roles. Others like honest and unfeigned people. Don’t change yourself.

Observe others. Keep your eye on other people. What are their skills? What is the best thing in their personality? Learn from others since there are a lot of things we can learn from our classmates, co-workers, parents, friends, etc. All our life we learn something new from people we meet.

Choose a person who is ahead from you. Find someone who is better than you. Compete with this person secretly. This will motivate you to improve your skills and develop self-confidence. However, be careful, do not be too serious as all people are different and maybe you do not have such skills as person you want to compete with.

Be nice. Behave oneself, be humble, nice, solicitous. Do not be arrogant, it is very bad quality.

Learn new things. Everyday, learn something new. There are a lot of unknown things in our world. We cannot know everything but we should strive to learn more and more interesting things.

Look presentable. You should always be clean and well dressed. Clothes count for first impressions.

Face your fears. Do not be afraid. You should find the strength and face you’re the most terrible fears. As soon as you overcome your fears, you will be stronger and more self-confident.

If you want to be ahead of others, follow the abovementioned advice and you will be the best of the best!

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