The purpose of this document is to present a detailed description of the Questionnaire data gather System. It will explain the purpose and features of the system, the interfaces of the system, what the system will do, the constraints under which it must operate and how the system will react to external stimuli. This document is intended for both the stakeholders and the developers of the system.

Scope of Project

This software system will be a Data-gather System for different organizations that want to carry out research work using questionnaires. This system will be designed to maximize the organization’s productivity by providing tools to assist in automating the questionnaire review and publishing process, which would otherwise have to be performed manually. More specifically, this system is designed to allow organizations that wish to gather data from public by means of questionnaire to insert a questionnaire of their own design into the system. The system also contains a relational database containing a list of organizations, questionnaires and other relevant information concerning the questionnaires.

Overall Description of the System

This document contains the problem statement that the current system is facing which is hampering the growth opportunities of the company. It further contains a list of the stakeholders and users of the proposed solution. It also illustrates the needs and wants of the stakeholders. It further lists and briefly describes the major features and a brief description of the proposed system.

This section provides the detail functions of a Data-gather system with user characteristics permitted constraints, assumptions and dependencies and requirements subsets.

Functional Requirements

This subsection contains the functional requirements for the system.

Display an introductory descriptive paragraphs for the system, what it does and the targeted users

The system shall present the title of the questionnaires after the introductory paragraph.

The system shall allow the user to select the questionnaire which he/she shall answer.

Each question in the questionnaire shall be a statement and shall have a check box on which the user can click to answer the question.

The system shall have a submit button that a user can click on in order to submit his/her questionnaire.

The system shall allow a user to make changes on the questionnaire as long as s/he has not pressed on the submit button.

The system shall allow an organization to insert a questionnaire of their own design.

Provide Search facility.

The system shall enable user/organization to enter the search text on the screen.

The system shall enable user to select multiple options on the screen to search.

The system shall enable user to navigate between the search results.

The system shall notify the user when no matching items are found on the search.

Maintain customer profile.

The system shall allow user to create profile and set his credential.

The system shall authenticate user credentials to view the profile.

The system shall allow user to update the profile information.

Provide Customer Support.

The system shall provide online help, FAQ’s customer support, and sitemap options for user support.

The system shall allow user to select the support type she/he wants.

The system shall display the customer support contact numbers on the screen.

The system shall allow user to enter the contact number for support personnel to call.

The system shall display the online help upon request.

The system shall display the FAQ’s upon request.

Allow online change or cancellation of a questionnaire.

The system shall display the questionnaires that are eligible to change.

The system shall allow user to select the questionnaire to be changed.

The system shall allow user to cancel the questionnaire.

The system shall allow the user to submit a questionnaire later.

The system shall notify the user about any changes made to the questionnaire.

All this features will only be available to authorized persons only.

Provide detailed sitemap.

The system shall allow user to view detailed sitemap.

The System shall be able to present a summary of the responses collected, offering the authorized user a choice of statistical presentations of the data.

Non-Functional Requirements


Graphical User Interface

The system shall provide a uniform look and feel between all the web pages..

The system shall provide use of icons and toolbars.


The system shall provide handicap access.

The system shall provide multi language support.

999% availability through their network facilities onto the internet.


The system shall be web-based and has to be run from a web server.

The system shall take initial load time depending on internet connection strength which also depends on the media from which the system is run.

The performance shall depend upon hardware components of the client/customer.


Data input

No respondent should be able to fill a questionnaire more than once.

The system shall allow anonymous respondents to provide fill questionnaires.

Data Transfer

The system shall use secure sockets in all transactions that include any confidential user information.

The system shall automatically log out all users after a period of inactivity.

The system shall confirm all transactions with the customer’s web browser.

The system shall not leave any cookies on the customer’s computer containing the user’s password.

The system shall not leave any cookies on the customer’s computer containing any of the user’s confidential information.

Data Storage

The customer’s web browser shall never display a customer’s password.  It shall always be echoed with special characters representing typed characters.

The system’s back-end servers shall never display a user’s password.  The user’s password may be reset but never shown.

The system’s back-end servers shall only be accessible to authenticated administrators.

The system’s back-end databases shall be encrypted to avoid hacking and data alteration.

On-line User Documentation and Help System Requirements

On-line help system is a critical component of the system.

It shall provide specific guidelines to a user for using the Questionnaire data gather system.

To implement online user help, link and search fields shall be provided.

A general knowledge of computer skill is required to use the system.

Hardware Interfaces

Since the application must run over the internet, all the hardware shall require to connect internet will be hardware interface for the system. As for e.g. Modem, WAN – LAN, Ethernet Cross-Cable.

Communications Interfaces

The system shall use the HTTP protocol for communication over the internet and for the intranet communication will be through TCP/IP protocol suite.

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