A good part of the “Story of an hour” by Kate Chopin’s is based on the Mrs. Mallard when she is informed of her husband’s death in a train accident. Even though the first part of the paragraph makes the readers believe that she was actually affected by the death, the mourners are so careful not to say anything too cause too much anxiety and excitement in her future life.

To some extent, Mrs. Mallard reaction to her husband’s death is justifiable but on the other hand it can be argued that she was self involved because of her quest for everlasting freedom. After receiving the news concerning his death, she got distracted for a short time but afterwards, she soon starts to think about her own life and future, a thing that a mourning person should not do. Even though she has been trapped in a bad relationship for years and she has been yearning for freedom she could not have reacted the way she did.

To some extent the author seems to sympathize with her, she was too calculating and cold as a result of her reaction towards her husband’s death. She is selfish to an extent of thinking just about her and the future holds for her. She can only trust her feelings even though friends and relatives are present to offer her comfort. These actions are not justifiable she could have masked her feelings in their presence.

The reaction of Mrs Mallard for husband’s death is not justifiable.  She felt may felt free if her husband was in control because the husband loved her dearly. The husband could have granted her freedom even if he was a live, so there is no need of her reacting in a callous manner. Though she was mourning him, inwardly he was happy that he was finally dead and therefore she could enjoy her freedom. This is not justifiable because no married woman should react the way she did towards the death of her husband. Every person can be happy if she if finally free, but no woman will wish for her man’s death.

During the mourning of her husband, Mrs. Mallard said it repeatedly under her breath: free, free, free! The vacant look and terror that was present in her in her utterance followed it into and escaped her eyes. They remained bright and keen. She kept saying free! Body and soul free. She dearly fancied her freedom after her husband’s death and was not bothered of what others will think about her.

Finally, Mrs. Mallard was shocked with and disappointed when she met her husband because she was already used to enjoying her freedom and living independently without him. Her reaction is totally unjustifiable because a caring wife after being informed of a husbands’ death, will be in real mourning after hearing the news and hope that it was merely a dream. Additionally, her action is further being condemned on the basis of her joyful response towards the husband’s revelation of freedom. She was really happy that the husband is now dead and no woman should feel the way she did. It is justifiable to say that she might as well did kill him herself.

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