There are so many other differences or data that I may wish to add in the extra rows .For instance all humans unlike gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutan lack an external tail and have limbs and hands that have thumbs which are sufficiently separate away from the other four fingers for the sake of enabling them to be efficient and opposable in ensuring a firm grip. Human beings are sexually dimorphic in the sense that males tend to be slightly larger and they also have greater upper body with muscles that are developed when it comes to body size human beings are the biggest closely followed by gorillas then  chimpanzee and lastly orangutan. Humans like chimpanzees are omnivorous and kill other wild animals for the sake of food but not gorillas and orangutan . Humans are also different from the three in the sense that they don’t have bodies covered by far, humans females unlike the other three experience menopause at some point in their life before old age.

The above phylogenetic scheme otherwise known as a cladogram in my opinion best describes the relationships between the Orangutan, Chimpanzee, Gorilla, and Humans.The first part basically represents human who are considered to be the most evolved of all other apes. The Hominidae family include two unique and distinct species of chimpanzee which include the common chimp whose scientific name is Pan troglodytes and the Bonobo whose scientific name is Pan paniscu.Gorilla has two distinct species , the eastern gorilla whose scientific name is Gorilla graueri and the western gorilla whose scientific name is Gorilla gorilla. The orangutan also comprises of two species namely, the Sumatran orangutan whose scientific name is Pongo abelii and the Bornean orangutan whose scientific name is Pongo pygmaeus.The hybalotes (gibbon) is also part of the living genera of this Hominoidea family.

Human are more related to the orangutan in the sense that they have almost the same kind of DNA. Many research studies suggest that orangutans originated from the same place as humans that are south East Asia.

Gorillas are similar to humans in many ways first they full set of teethes in their entire lifetime just like human beings ,the first set is normally lost at earlier ages just like in humans then replaces in adulthood permanently.

Chimpanzees on the other hand are similar to humans in the sense that they have an almost similar body size and that they have a closely related DNA type and also at genetic level these two are similar but with a slight difference in the number of chromosomes.

The real live human measurements that I gathered from myself and some of my classmates include ,a body height of approximately 5.5ft  for males and 5.3 ft for females, weight of a mature male is approximately 150 lbs and a females is 140 lbs ,the chest of a male is normally approximately 90 cm for males and 80 cm for females ,the thigh is normally approximated to be 54 cm in males and 60 cm in females and last but not least the hips of a male are normally approximated to be 90 cm and those of a female are normally approximated to be 100cm.

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