Job Description – International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Title: Human Resource Manager

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer, New York

Based at: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), New York

Job purpose:

To plan and execute human resource management duties and responsibilities, in order to uphold and advance human resources’ effectiveness in the organization according to established corporate policies.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  1. Plan, develop and execute human resource management and development strategy: comprising of wages and conditions, discipline, selection and employment procedure, complaint, training, counseling, contracts, development, motivation, contracts, counseling, quality management, culture development, performance evaluations
  2. Create and maintain and suitable methods for gauging essential features of Human resource growth in the organization
  3. Observe, gauge and report on Human Resource matters, chances and development strategies and attainments within approved set-ups and periods
  4. Develop and manage direct reporting workers, and ensure diversity and cultural development among employees in the business
  5. Control and manage departmental expenses within approved budgets of the organization
  6. Link with other departmental managers in order to comprehend all essential facets and requirements of human resource development, and to make certain they are completely well-versed with HR aims, purposes and accomplishments
  7. Uphold consciousness and understanding of present human growth theory and approaches and offer appropriate explanation to managers, directors and personnel within the business
  8. Assist in the assessment and improvement of human resource plan and routine in collaboration with the managerial team of the company
  9. Ensure actions meet with and incorporate with organizational necessities for excellent organization, fitness and safety, lawful conditions, environmental strategies and overall responsibility of maintenance in within the company
  10. Perform the tasks of a business administrator in accordance with legal and moral values
  11. Collaborate with other relevant departments in order to organize seminars and conferences on human resource development in the organization
  12. Oversee employment processes in the organization by going through the applications, shortlisting and preparing for interviews and correspondence
  13. Advise the organizational departments on employment rules and regulations and occasional salary reviews and adjustments in the company
  14. Counsel workers in the organization in accordance with various issues at hand in the organization
  15. Ensure quality management of business and effective motivation of the employees in the business towards excellent performance


  1. Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration or any other related field
  2. Should have a post graduate degree or Master’s degree in Human Resource, Business Administration or any other related field.
  3. should have minimum experience of 5 years in a similar position
  4. Good communication and leadership skills
  5. Innovative and team building skills
  6. Have excellent computer skills
  7. Have fluent working languages English, French
  8. Should demonstrate high level of commitment and corporation
  9. Capable of working independently under minimum supervision
  10. Have integrity and hard work
  11. Possess excellent analytical thinking skills
  12. Should be capable of taking initiative
  13. Should have excellent performance
  14. Should have customer attention
  15. Have excellent knowledge on business laws and regulations

Date and other relevant internal references

Those who meet the above requirements and qualifications should submit their applications, with relevant testimonials and salary expectations online before July 1, 2011. Applications are done online through the following e-mail address;

Date posted: 22nd May, 2011

Deadline: 1st July, 2011

Part 2: Comments

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is an initiative that ensures that employment by organizations is done equally to all groups of people regardless of their racial, religious, gender abilities and political affiliations. Many organizations today have incorporated the initiative in their systems; hence making employment fair and diverse. Nonetheless, there are certain challenges associated with Equal Employment Opportunity.

To start with, the initiative encourages discrimination against certain groups in the workplace. For example, sometimes, the physically handicapped are looked down in the workforce. This happens when duties and responsibilities are being shared in the organization, as the physically challenged are assigned light duties since they are underestimated. Female workers are also limited to lower positions as they are seen as incapable of carrying out sophisticated tasks. Moreover, female workers are looked down upon to an extent that they are sexually harassed by the senior members who perceive them as sexual objects.

Equal Employment Opportunity also poses a challenge to an organization as it forces it to hire certain group of people. The consideration given to diversity and equality makes an organization hire unqualified staff at the expense of the competent ones. For that reason, the organization will perform ineffectively due to incompetent workforce. What is more, people still face racism in foreign countries as they are lowly regarded. Although the policy is meant to control racism work places, immigrants and foreigners are discriminated in new counties. In fact some are denied job opportunities or given inferior opportunities in various organizations. Furthermore, those who get employment chances in foreign countries are segregated by the natives. In fact, there are certain places that are only occupied by the immigrants, and face challenging economic times because of the high costs of living in the foreign countries.

In conclusion, although it was aimed at eradicating of discrimination during employment process, the Equal Employment Opportunity policy poses certain challenges to organizations. Therefore, there is need to revisit the policy so as to reduce the challenges associated with it. As a result, the organizations will realize effectiveness and improved business performance.

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