Professors are an integral part of college. Without these people, college cannot exist as they perform the main role in the studying process. Sometimes we think about professors as the people who can make or break your grade and further life. It is true that your results depend not only on you but on your professors too. Sometimes, if a student has bad relations with a professor, this may lead to negative consequences. That is why it is highly important to form good relations with a professor if you want to achieve success in the academic life. We at know how to gain success and want to propose you some tips on how to maintain good relations with your professors.

Sit in front of the professor. It is very important to distinguish yourself from other students. Try to sit in the front row as professors notice students who sit there. Also it will be good for you as you will be more attentive while sitting in the front row and remember more information. One more thing is to sit in the same place so the professor knows where you are.

Be friendly. Always say hello to your professors whenever you see them. Cultured and friendly students may achieve better results.

Ask appropriate questions. If you strive to draw professor’s attention to you, ask intelligent questions, related to the topic of the lecture. Professor will estimate your interest in the subject.

Always attend classes. Try to not skip classes. If you are ill, it is advisable to send email to your professor explaining the reason of your absence.

Listen to your professor. Be attentive during lectures, listen to your professor with interest, this will help him/her to see that you are serious and want to learn something new.

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