Marketing: Is defined as a managerial function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and deliver values to clients managing customers’ relationships in ways that promote the institute and the stakeholders. Marketing is derived from its original meaning of going to a marketplace to purchase or sell commodities or services.

Marketing is defined by the agreement of Institute of promotion as “the management course responsible for categorizing, foreseeing and satisfying consumer necessities beneficially”

Marketing activities are often seen as imaginative business in the history, including advertising, distribution, and promotion and selling.

In marketing there is always achieving organizational goals and this depends on knowing the requirements and needs of the market targeted and deliver the preferred satisfactions. For one to meet the organizational goals, an organization should expect the wants and needs of customers and satisfy them very effectively than competitors.

Marketing is used to recognize the buyer, gratify the customer, and hold the client. With the customer as the focal point of its activities, Marketing is evolved to meet the status in developing new markets as a result of mature markets.

Information system (IS): This is a combination of information technology and people’s activities by use of knowledge to sustain operations, organization, and managerial.In wide sense, information system is regularly used to refer to the communication among people, data, technology and algorithmic processes, in this sense. Furthermore, the expression is a used in the way how which people interrelate with these technologies in support of processes the process of trade. (Chappell, 2005)

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Information systems and   information technology are two different things though usually confusing, Information system IS normally has an ICT component. It is also different from business processes. Information systems is used to manage the business performance processes

IS can be termed as work system type  which is a scheme in which humans and machinery do work using resources like ICT to make precise goods and services for consumers. It is therefore a work system whose activities are dedicated to dispensation of information.


The company Ford Motor is an American international automaker situated in Michigan a suburb of Detroit and Dearborn. It was founded by Henry Ford and integrated in 1903 16, June .Apart from the Lincoln and ford brands, He also owns a little stake in Mazda Japan and Martin Aston in the United Kingdom. Ford’s previous UK subsidiaries Land Rover and Jaguar They were sold to Tata Motors of India in the year 2008 March. He also sold Volvo to Geely Automobile in 2010 and in the end of 2010 discontinued the Mercury brand.

He is the next main auto producer in the U. S and fifth-biggest in the planet basing on yearly vehicle sales in the year 2010. By the end of 2010, he was the fifth largest automaker in Europe. He is the eighth-ranked overall company based in American than any other automaker.

IS consists of input, output processing, and feedback. It helps to produce the information that relations need to get improved decision-making, solving the problem, operations controlling, and new products creation or services.

It assists a business as they contain major information about an exacting customer, place, and event that take place in the institute or the surroundings. IS are not always relevant for smaller stores as compared to larger corporations.


Ford has spent the past three years engaging clientele using an impressive, progressive digital marketing policy. The carmaker’s hard work is paying off: Ford’s U.S. sales are up nearly 22 percent in this year. That’s “twice the increase rate of the industry as a whole,” reported the Reuters recently.

Appreciation to the company’s obligation to creating significant relationships with clients, capital, and employing online marketer’s .Ford has rapidly become a leading brand name within the instant marketing and collective intermediate places.

Forth has in the recent passed used innovative methods that include Face-book, Twitter, YouTube and other content online strategies. As a consequence, it has been able to meet its PR needs and thereby unifying its messages and convincing a clientele that continues to remain loyal through the strategy of “accessibility and transparency”. This has let to Ford attracting consumer interest in its brand.

The results of this strategy has been very effective and according to Ford’s Head of Marketing, Jim Farley, “Clients are spending more of their time with their cellular phone, smart phone or in the internet  as they are watching  over TV now, so our promotion dollars can  flow to where the general public people are,” Farley told Reuters. The objective, he clarified, is to effectively “break into their globally”

The Ford approach shows that one must understand the perception of the public about ones brand, the need to change it as time demands, and the eagerness to try sensible method to achieve your goals. He was inventive enough to see the need and chance in marketing using the digital technology. Of its total budget, Ford uses, 25 percent on digital technology and media, reports Reuters.

Ford designs messages to reach diverse audience and target consumers using these various technologies like MyFord Touch System for entertainment, navigation and communications in its campaign activities which include, among others, YouTube.

The Ford Motor Company online publicity is also focused reaching the right customers and consumers. The brand, for instance, connects with the technology savvy, which watch and do listening “This Week in Tech, a very popular technology programs on the web. They promote technology driven products such as MyFord Touch.

Ford also leverages its relationships and social networks through innovations like bloggers. In 2009, the company established these networks and linkages with opinion shapers and entertainers to promote the release of its Fiesta subcompact car in the U.S. The company used the accessible to all Face book forums to present new product features to potential fans much ahead of traditional press such as car shows.

The lessons we can learn from the Ford example is that a good strategy is to present a relevant message wherever the clientele or consumers are and where they socialize and they will be able enhance the message to great advantage. The strategy has worked for the Ford Motors brand image since it was launched.  ALG points out that, an organization that follows purchaser awareness, Ford Vehicles “take a lead in all brands and perceived quality since 2008,” reported Reuters. “Everybody is part of in instant marketing,” purchaser auto confer with expert Vogelheim Charlie told Reuters. “The magnitude that Ford is doing it, packaging it around events and utilizes the media with its initiate, with the purpose where the Ford is always leading”

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Use of information systems in a marketing strategy

Regardless of customer’s prize tailored service, cutting edge products, or haste and effectiveness, a corporation/company should select a functional model and technology so as to support one of its selected worth discipline.

For any company to endure in the coming future, they must be able to provide more of what their customers’ value the most early enough earlier than the opposition can. The operating model of a company should be able to support the company’s overall value discipline with a focus that is unwavering, regardless of its personalized price service, speed and the efficiency of the operations and its leading edge products. There are various needs for the uses of information systems in an organization that is growing and competitive in the market. Information systems are used especially in the marketing strategy in order to cut a niche in the motor market. Information systems can make a company is able to create value for its customers in places that matters the most.

Information systems are very crucial in designing a marketing strategy because curbs the intense competition in the motor industry. There is a lot of competition in the industry and it is just the use of information systems that can give a company an upper hand over the other. Information systems makes the company be more effective and efficient in their marketing operations.

Information technology can reduce the operating cost of the company. This is because, the use of IS reduces the bulkiness of the information to be conveyed and reduce the time that needs to be spent designing the marketing materials. They save on the time spent on creating marketing materials and thus give the company an added advantage in doing other things that adds value to the organizations operations.

It is therefore, clear that the Ford Motors have employed this marketing strategy to be able to maintain the motor market worldwide. For example, the creation of 3D images for advertising makes the products of the company look real and attractive. The customers will be attracted to the images that are portrayed and would want to buy such products and be associated with them.

The globalization of business operations in the Motor industry has changed over a very long time. The world has become really small and the pace at which things operate is very fast. Companies have realized the need to use technology in order to capture the market need. It is only through the use of the emerging Medias like the internet and television that a company will be able to reach a wide range of customers. The Ford Motors have employed such strategies and this has enabled them maintain their niche and reach a wider range of people.

For organizational change, there is a paramount need for any growing company. The Ford Company was established in 1903 at an era that technology was inconsequential, but in this age of technology and information systems, the Ford Company is still moving strong and still maintaining its market share. It is due to the effective and efficient marketing department that is vigilant with the changes in the society. It has been able to arrest the changes that are occurring in the environment and being able to incorporate it to the company.

The generational change in the organizations personnel is one of the crucial ways of adopting technology. The continuous process of recruitment is very important. It enables the company to hire young generations that are vast with the technology system. They bring in innovativeness and creativity and as such they are able to bring new idea to the marketing strategies. They are able to put in new blood and the life that is required to be able to attract the people of the 21st generation who are the most consumers today.  (Currie, 1999)

They young generation are said to be the most consumer, their lifestyle is very fancy and need the use of accessories that gives the motor industry the market. It is just up to the motor industry to reach to the relevant consumers by designing a marketing strategy that appeal to the target clients.

With technology revolution today, any company should be at par with it in order to make an impact in the business world. For the Ford Motors, has been able to employ all these strategies in order to maintain its share. The 21st century is one of rapid technology were everything has to be fast and reach the target market in good time when the information is still relevant.

The technologies changes with time and the Ford Motors have been able to change do this with time. They have been able to ensure quality assurance in all their products via information systems and have been able to meet consumers worldwide. They have a watchdog that its main work is to monitor the trends in the relevant industry and report to the marketing department so that they can be able to take the relevant measures.

For a lot of organizations, one of the initial steps is often the hardest and requires valour, doggedness, and self-assurance to determine what customer truthfully value. If the merchandise and forces that companies are equipped to make available are not in synch with purchaser requirements, they have got to be transformed.

In other words Information Systems (IS) is a scientific field of study that address the variety of strategic, administrative and operational tricks concerned in the meeting, dispensation, storing, supply and use of information, and the linked technology, in the social order and institution. The term information systems used to portray an organizational purpose that relates IS facts in manufacturing, government organizations and not-for-profit institution. IS is often referred to the communication between algorithmic procedure and know-how. This communication can take place inside or crossways managerial limits.

An information system is not simply the technology an organization or institution uses, but also how the organizations work together with the machinery and the how the technologies operates with the organization’s business procedure.


Information systems are put into practice inside an organization for the reason of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of that organization. The capabilities of the IS and uniqueness of the organization, its work systems, its employees, and its progress and achievement methodologies mutually verify the degree to which that principle is achieved.

Marketing management relies on a variety of technology inside the range of its promotion efforts. Computer-based information systems can be engaged, aiding in improved dispensation and storage space of information. Marketing researchers  use the systems to invent improved methods of translating data into information, and for the formation of improved statistics gathering technique. Information technology also aid in ornamental an MKIS’ software and hardware mechanism, and advance a company’s selling decision-making procedures.

Ford, as a company, has dedicated a lot of time and money in improving superiority within their operation as and their products. They recognized the overseas car makers were see to be much more technically sophisticated and had achieved a point of superiority than the American car makers. Hen also discovered that they were not able to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and not competent to meet up the order for new and innovative car plan. By focusing on Quality, Ford is now able to react more quickly to consumer demands because they can manufacture their product more efficiently without sacrifice manufactured goods values.

He is very efficient at targeting their announcement for their viewing spectators. When developing advertisement for the Ford Probe, Ford consulted with a psychologist who bases produce color advice on the theory that confident colors and shades appeal to women more than men. Based on the proposal presented by the psychologist, Ford ran announcement with hot red tinted cars for gents and cooler highlighted cars for women. Through their advertisements, Ford is announces that they have attained a high level of excellence and their goods are technologically superior.

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