Of course, it is not advisable to work at night, but all-nighters were, are and will be part of our life whether due to heavy workloads, hard studying or our own habits. On one hand, there are certain benefits of working all night long as there is nothing to distract you from what you do. You control your surrounding. On the other hand, sleepless nights are harmless for our health.
QualityCustomEssays.com suggests you how to deal with all-nighters:

  • Sleep before. If you realize that there is going to be a sleepless night, have a nap. Anyway, take into consideration that such “sleep banking” does not work if to use it too often. Maintaining good sleeping habits is of vital importance.
  • Nourish yourself. Before a sleepless night chose a dinner dish rich in proteins. Chicken or salmon would be great, while carbohydrates will make you sleepy. You don’t need another meal during the night as our bodies save energy for such occasions, but some protein snack like nuts will help you to be alert.
  • Plan your tasks. The cognitive abilities diminish during work at night, so in order to be more productive, put the tasks which require thinking and computing first. Some pedestrian work can be done later, e.g. formatting your documents.
  • Have a cup of coffee. Adenosine is the chemical produced by the human body to make us feel tired. Caffeine diminishes the effect of this chemical. Some cups of coffee will make you feel awake and full of energy through the night.
  • Keep warm. The body temperature is the lowest at about 3 or 4 a.m. so you can feel cold. Wrapping yourself in a blanket can be a brilliant solution.
  • Take a morning nap. 100 minute sleep in the morning after an all-nighter will be enough to stay awake during the day. But no driving that day. Also it is important to have a good sleep the night after the sleepless one.
  • Learn to manage your time to avoid all-nighters. Sleep deprivation damages the health greatly, so it is not appropriate to remind yourself of your final essay one day before the deadline. Plan your time in a way to exclude all-nighters from your life. The preparation of your best final essay ever written can be trusted for QualityCustomEssays.com.

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