Competitive people rule the world and that is true. Their audacious nature is not all about conflicts solely – they want the best from life and get it no matter what difficulties they meet on their way. It is not a crime to want to be the best, is it?
Those people who can’t defend their point of view are not likely to be happy in any sphere of life. If you don’t believe, QualityCustomEssays will list you the advantages of being a competitive person. Well, here they are:

They believe in their strengths. They don’t need cheering up and encouragement from others. They believe in themselves and try to deal with their difficulties on their own. They are sure that they will be able to cope with everything and there is nothing to stop them. Their strong faith in their abilities gives them big power and helps to succeed.

They are optimists. If competitive people were pessimists, they would not be successful. Their nature causes challenges in their life, but they never give up and tackle difficulties.
Confidence and optimism – those are the two tools they use every day. They are sure that there is the way out of any difficult situation thus they begin looking for the suitable one instead of crying and worrying as other people.

Their comfort zone is almost unlimited. It is not about having a house, friends, a family and a job. Competitive people are not afraid to get out of their usual comfort zone. They feel themselves at home in any environment and surrounding. Such people are ready for anything, which makes their comfort zone almost anywhere.

They cause progress. The notion innovation would not exist if there were no competitors. At the beginning people had everything for a good living, but some of them wanted to show their superiority and started to invent new things. It was the first step in progress. Then people started competing with each other. Owing to competitive people we have all those new gadgets.

They are very creative. Competitive people are enormously creative. If a person wants to be ahead of others, his or her brain has to be active all the time. A competitive person may be unable to sing, for example, but if it is necessary for the growth, he or she will do impossible to master singing!

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