While in college, students have either too little or too much free time. They can study 24 hours a day or do not know how to kill time. Of course, when you have free time, you can do all what you want, however, there are situations when you do not know how to waste time. Thus, QualityCustomEssays.com offers 8 ways on how to kill time in college:

Go shopping. Make a shopping list in order not to forget to buy any of the items you need.

Update your track list. Find some new music so that you can upload it and listen to your favorite songs.

Clean your room. If you have free time, cleaning of your room is the best option. As quite often, students do not keep their rooms clean and tidy. You can also rearrange your room and decorate it.

Do your homework. While in college, one of the best ways to spend free time is to do your homework. Start doing assignments which were given to you earlier. You will benefit as you will meet the deadline for sure.

Watch a movie, TV show or series. It is the most easy and pleasant way to spend time. Watching some interesting movies or your favorite series is the best time-killer.

Read. Reading is very important for people as they can develop their imagination and get more knowledge. Find an interesting book and you will definitely kill time with pleasure.

Play games. A lot of students like playing computer games; thus, if you have spare time, you can set a record in your favorite game.

Get some exercise. Exercising is not only a way to kill free time but also one of the best means stay healthy. Moreover, it helps you to lose some extra pounds and boosts endorphin production.

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