Student’s drug use is one of the most significant problems in colleges. Very often, when students start their academic life, they face such problem as drug abuse. One may think “why students take drugs in college?” It is a very good question. There are so many reasons students may become drug users such as relaxing, escaping from bad memories, easing pain, fitting in, and others.  They think that drugs will help them to cope with problems, however, they do not understand that drugs only worsen it. Starting from the first intake of drugs, students get into prison of drug dependence. It may cause serious consequences such as health problems, poor academic performance, random sexual contacts, and addiction. It is clear that students know all these risks but still get into drug dependence. You may ask why?

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Here are 3 main reasons why students begin taking drugs in college:

  • Bad company

    People with whom we communicate have a great influence on us. Students come to college, find new friends, and establish new connections. Of course it is good, but sometimes they may get into bad company. Since students want to fit in with their new friends’ way of life, they start imitating them. Good advice for such students is to stop copying others, be yourself and avoid companies where people do not really understand what consequences drug abuse may lead to.

  • Overcoming troubles in studying

    As students have a lot of different tasks, they do not know how to cope with all of them. They are overloaded and do not see another way to feel themselves with energy as to start taking drugs. It’s true, some drugs arouse a feeling of energy, but then after a few sleepless nights, your organism is tired and exhausted. Do not fall into drug trap since health is the biggest treasure in our life. Therefore, whenever you cannot overcome all academic troubles, do not choose the road of addiction since it is better to contact and get help needed.

  • Relieving from stress

    College is really very stressful period of our life. We cannot cope with all obstacles and stressful situations, therefore, some students consider that drugs will help them. It is a false thought since they only worsen the situation aggravating your stress and causing drug addiction.

Our life is full of temptations but it is our choice whether to yield to or resist them!

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