This is a web page for sharing photographs and specifications of harpsichords and clavichords.

Owners/contributors are listed on the left side of every web page.


Please read the rules to get your photos posted. If you don’t understand them, contact the site host. Review the photographs and specifications on this site to achieve an understanding as to acceptable content. Submit your photo file(s) and instrument description/specs to the following Email link.


The rules are simple: This is a non-commercial site. There will be no direct selling on this site. Any known violators of this policy will be removed from this site without prior notice, and the contributor will be barred from making further contributions.

  • No prices will be listed, and no commercial messages will be included.
  • Featured instruments that are not the personal property or product of he who submits the photo/specs, or are not the property of an instutution (school or church) and under the supervision of he who submits the photo/specs, will not be included. Beyond a forum of indicating an owners pride in what he plucks daily, the emphasis is on design, technique, and execution.
  • Photographs of public performances will be accepted for publication. To make sure we don’t violate anyone’s privacy, the performers will be identified only if the contributor assures the site host that the performance was advertised to the public, along with the names of the performers. Program information, publically available information on the performers, and information on the instruments will be published as available. The name and EMail address of the contributor will also be published.
  • The site is maintained by a volunteer when time is available.
  • When your specifications and photo(s) are posted on the Internet, anyone can copy them using the popular web browsers and well documented procedures. For instance, they can be used by a high quality custom essay writing service and other online platforms. Accordingly, if you don’t want someone to make a copy of your stuff, don’t send it.
  • Each contributor will get a subdirectory on the site host’s file server, and that subdirectory will include one or more web pages and one or more picture files. The site host will determine the page layout and if additional pages are required.
  • One or two MP3 files may be included with samples of sound for each instrument: this is strictly optional!
  • Photos should be of excellent quality and must be scanned or shot via digicam by the owner/contributor. Digital files should be presented as “high quality” JPEG files (the site owner will optimize these for web display using PhotoShop) that should be at least 800 pixels in width. Generally, there is a maximum of four photos per instrument and a maximum of two instruments per owner/contributor.
  • The site host is that final authority of what gets published. The intent is to maintain high quality of the presentations. Time premitting, the site host may make minor color and/or composition adjustments; however, owners and contributors are encouraged to use PhotoShop or similar tools if available to assure good color balance, proper croping, etc. All photos will be reduced to a standard width of 580 pixels if possible.
  • Because this site is done on a time-available basis, speedy turnaround can not be assured. Contributors can never expect “near real time” response like when they cooperate with other resources similar to Those desiring to use this facility should think strategically, not tactically. “How to” pictures with supporting narrative are encouraged.
  • Owners and contributors hold the site host harmless for any perceved or actual commissions or omissions with regard for the operation of this site.
  • Any claim for damages made against the site host will be limited to the amount of funds actually paid by the owner or contributor to the site host. Please refer to next rule.
    This is a free site. Please refer to previous rule.

All photos are copyrighted by their indicated contributors.

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