Many students do not like writing essays because it is obligatory. Sometimes, students do not like the topic of the essay or even the whole subject. In such cases, even though the topic and requirements may seem simple, writing an essay will turn into a long-term mind torture. To make the whole process of writing your essay both easy and fun, take a look at the following tips.

Make a Plan

Create at least approximate outline of your future papers and decide which main points your essay should cover. Also, decide what side you take in your essay. Will you cover positive or negative aspects? However, the most important is to make a strong thesis statement of your paper that may assure at least 30 percent of getting a good grade. If you have problems with the plan or thesis, you can always refer to websites, such as, that have every piece of information you need in free access.

Work with Information

The Internet is one of the most significant help for students, but, sometimes, it can also be a false friend. Do not consider all the information you read as credible. Unfortunately, some people use this cyber source of information with shady thoughts and place absolutely wrong information. To avoid misunderstandings in your paper, use only scholarly sources, and, finally, your professor will be satisfied with your work.

Make Your Routine Fun

Who says that you must work alone on your essay writing all the time? You can make a discussion with your friends and ask their opinions. Moreover, you can do it in the form of a game – one person makes an argument while the next one says a counter argument, and, in the end, you decide whose idea was the strongest and what prize the winner will get. Also, the person who had the least strong argument can buy a pizza for the whole company.

Remember that even though your essay topic or subject can be boring, a small piece of logic and imagination can make your paper the best one!