When packing for university, one of the most important things you need to take is a pair of quality headphones. You might not need them while still at home, but when you’re thrown in a noisy student environment, you’ll find headphones absolutely necessary.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in a pair of headphones

And a few suggestions about which ones you should consider getting.

Avoiding noise

Living with other young people, you’ll often find yourself in a situation when you just want to get away from all the noise. Unfortunately, you can’t always do it literally. Then a pair of headphones comes in handy. The noise canceling ones are a true savior if your roommate has a loud company, if you want to concentrate on studying or just isolate yourself from all the hustle.

Not making noise

Another example of headphones usage is opposite to the previous one. Just as you don’t want your roommates to make extra noise, they expect the same from you. If you want to listen to music, watch a movie or face time your boyfriend, respect others’ space and put on headphones. You can also use them on public transport or in the library not to disturb others.
We think these reasons have convinced you that good headphones are one of the most essential items for the university. Now, let’s look into some options of headphones you should consider buying.

House of Marley

The brand House of Marley stands out from all other headphones because they care about both quality of their work and environment alike. All headphones are produced by environment-friendly techniques and using recycled materials, including wood, steel, and leather. In the end, you get a high-quality set of headphones that you can be sure won’t damage our already suffering mother Earth.

One of the types of House of Marley headphones that we would especially recommend is Liberate on-ear headphones. Even though they come in an inconspicuous brown box made of recycled paper, the design of headphones themselves screams high quality.


Liberate headphones come in three different colors so you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect match for you. They don’t weigh much and sit on your head snugly. Made only from organic materials, they will become a subject of envy of all the students.


Since every set of headphones is made with dedication, the result will live up to your expectations. House of Marley headphones are perfect for any genre of music and won’t kill the quality of sound with some extra volume or extra bass. In addition, they work perfectly with Apple products.
We hope this information has convinced you to invest in a set of headphones, possible House of Marley ones. They are eco-friendly, stylish and above all, well-functioning. They are not in the cheap range so you’ll have to save a bit for them, but having a set of great headphones will pay off on many occasions.