We all know those stories where He meets Her and realizes that she is the one. Then he fights to win her heart, and then he breaks that heart to win it over again. Everything ends (or starts?) when the couple finally realizes that they are meant to be together! Happy end!

However, regardless of how good it sounds, just think how unrealistic it is in real life!

Taking on the role of myth-busters, we will explain you why even the most perfect love story is nothing more than just buzzing

Myth 1: If you want to be with someone, you will be with him/her

Well, considering that this statement is true, everyone should get what he wants. How reasonable is that? In this case, Sharon Stone would be a wife to thousands of men worldwide. Wanting and actually having something or someone are two different things.

Besides, in any relationship, it is up to two of you whether you need it or not. It does not matter how much you want to be with someone and how hard you try to reach your goal, if this person does not share your feelings.

Myth 2: Strong feelings win hearts

Love story: Main hero tells about his feeling to his beloved one and melts her heart! They are finally together! Happy end!

Real life: The man is so eager to tell about his feelings that he does not notice that he is pressing too hard. The woman freaks out and runs away.

See the difference? The truth is not always the best tool to win the heart of a princess. In this case flirting is the best way to see, if you will be rewarded in the end or not. The truth about relationship is that it is a kind of game and if you want to win, you have to play by the rules.

Myth 3: Looking for The One

Looking for The One is nonsense. Moreover, the meaning of The One concept does not make any sense either. You do not choose a person because she is The One, you choose a person as she has something that attracts you. How can you be sure that the girl you meet is the one? However, what you really notice is her appearance, hair color, etc. These are the criteria you notice first and if you like what you see, you will make the next step, which is making acquaintance and asking the girl out. Only after that, you will realize if you want to move on with this person or not.

But even after meeting a person, whom you like, there is no guarantee that your relationship will last forever. Many people find another “The One” after breaking with the previous “The One”. Besides, let us think that you live in LA and find your love there, but what if you move to Washington? We bet you will find your The One there too.