A web portal is a web site that functions as a point of access to information on the World Wide Web. A portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way to the user. An affinity portal is a Web site that has portal functions, such as news headlines and Web search capabilities, but provides content focusing on a company profile and may also include the company’s products. It would be good for Club IT because it would enable all who visit the site to get to know and get more information about the club online without even visiting the club physically. This kind of a portal would also benefit the club since it would serve as an advertising site for the club and give it a big enough space to show just about all that it has to offer in terms of services and since many more people are using the internet as a search tool, it would bring in more clients for the club.

At the least cost of just starting up, there would be a readily available platform for advertising for the club. Corportal is short for “corporate portal.” This is a portal that is available for use by the company staff and may hold company information that the staff of Club IT can access. It is also economical in that it can be used as a way to pass information between different members of staff since all they would have to do is post their information and all the other staff can access the same once they are logged into the company portal. Many corporations are building and, in some cases, rebuilding their Web sites along the model of the enterprise information portal which is a model that emphasizes the exploitation of a company’s information resources by both the enterprise employees and outsiders who are allowed access.

A corportal can be internal, which is also known as an intranet, a public site, or, with appropriate safeguards the two may be combined. Corporate Portals also offer customers and employees the comfort of having and accessing self-service opportunities. A mobile portal is a portal that enables one to access the company website on their mobile phones. This would be really good for Club IT because most of their clients and those that they target are technologically savvy people who have high tech phones which would as such enable them to access the Clubs site on their phones at anytime and anywhere.
Club IT would benefit a lot if they had an active blog for the club.

This is because from the research collected it would be a good platform for the club patrons to exchange ideas and information about the club. The club management would also be in a better position to share new things with their clients. The management would also learn more about what they clients want and change for the better to remain relevant to their client base. The club should as such think of sponsoring an active blog for the club as it would be advantageous for the club in the long run.

Business-to-business transactions are over the time becoming more and more inclined to electronic modes of payments which is because even businesses are leaning more to the electronics mode. Any technologically savvy supplier would be in a position to receive payments through e-payment sources like moneybookers service that the Club can pay through at almost no extra charges. An e-payment from a guest to the club can be through the use of a credit card and this does not require the use of cash money and the paid money is electronically forwarded from the client account to the clubs account. Club IT would find it an advantage if it used only e-payments since it would be safer as there would never be any break ins’ since it would not have to deal with paper money.

The club management would also have an easier time in tracing the money trail of the club as just a simple print out from their account from the bank would show all the payments made out of the account and all moneys sent into the account thus ease of monetary reconciliation. Club IT should involve itself with sysco which is a site that assists businesses to place orders online as it would make the work of dealing with separate suppliers easier. The club would be able to find experienced and competent suppliers who can be vetted by other businesses thus in the end the club would be able to get the best suppliers who are most probable to deliver the best services to the club. The site would also be a good platform for the club to get to know newer things that keep happening in the business world as these are shared by the different companies that use the platform.

The Club IT will also benefit from the wealth of experience that sysqo has gathered over the years because it only deals with the best in the business world and only the best companies are hosted in the site. The Club IT being a club that deals with young clients is under pressure to provide new and technologically savvy services for its young clientele to keep up with the ever increasing and changing demand from the clients. It is important that the club also engages its staff in the newer methods of doing business as they are the people who represent the business and are the ones that get into direct contact with the club patrons when they visit the club for services. For the survival of the club, change is inevitable and it has to accept to embrace new technology as it comes.