The holiday season is already here, which means we are a few weeks away from the joy of giving and receiving gifts, spending time with the loved ones, and enjoying frosty white nature around.

However, there are plenty of people who suffer from a seasonal depression, which makes it hard for them to truly enjoy all the simple joys of ordinary people. If you are the one who suffers from the absence of the sun and its vitamin D, the following mood lifting tips are for you.


How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder:

  • Have more physical exercises

Keeping fit is one of the most important mental health tips. Yes, we understand that it is more warm and comfy in bed, but if you want to fight seasonal depression, you need to take action and move. It is scientifically proved that exercises improve your mood and help you out of depression.

  • Drink less coffee

It is hard to imagine a morning without a cup of coffee. Sometimes we walk like a zombie until our first caffeine fix. However, scientists linked caffeine consumption to the depletion of serotonin in our brains, which in turn “helps” our depression to consume us.

  • Make up for the lack of vitamin D

Although you can survive without this vitamin in winter, you will feel a lot better if you eat food like cheese, egg yolks, and drink orange juice, which is rich in vitamin D. Also, some cereal and other healthy half-prepared food may have extra vitamin D.

  • Clean your house

Seasonal dampness is not only bad for your home but your health as well. A 2007 study has shown that moldy environment may influence your mood because breathing in such place directly affects your brain. Also, it is possible that your immune system will be damaged, and your life will become miserable at the time.

  • Sleep less but consistently

We understand the temptation to stay in bed as long as possible in the cold winter day. However, this isn’t always a benefit for your mental state. The key is to stick to a consistent rhythm so that your body is not stressed with sudden naps and wake ups.
Those are our health tips for today. Stay healthy and enjoy your life!