Boosting Your PowerPoint Presentation

The process of creating a PowerPoint presentation is not much different from writing an article. However, there is an important difference – PowerPoint is an opportunity to demonstrate what you are telling, and your text will be much better perceived. Here are tips on how to create a PowerPoint presentation with some pieces of advice that will help you to write your text correctly, while others are aimed at the design and the content. It is very important to create your PowerPoint in such a way that your text and presentation content complement each other.

Solid Presentation within a Few Easy Steps:


The text that will be displayed on a screen should be clear and convey your idea to the full extent. It also should be interesting and evoke a lot of emotions of the audience. You do not need to write too much text, as it may be difficult to accept it. It is necessary to use only keywords, basic terms, examples, facts in the presentation and more detailed explanation of the essence of your work should be verbally explained by you. The presentation should have logical beginning and ending; all materials should be put into the work sequentially. Every next idea should supplement the previous one. The design of your presentation is very important for the perception of the text, so it is necessary to take into account some important rules for creating slides while you are making your Power Point.


It is better to use the same font for your text and titles. If you need to emphasize some information using certain font, it is advised to use underlining, italics, change the text color. Choose such a background color in your presentation which will not merge with your text. Accentuate the most important information by using the brightest colors of the font. The information that can be attributed to the same group should be given the same color. Make the size of the font of your work large enough, but not too large to make it easy to read. Select the readable font. It should be the contrast between the text and the background. The text and pictures should be aligned; it helps your presentation to look neater. Pick pictures which attract attention and evoke viewers’ emotions. Use only clear pictures of good quality to be able to notice them – remember that the screen can be quite far from the audience. Do not highlight or underline too much text, because it will be difficult to pay attention to the basic information, highlight only the most important, key definitions. Do not overload the slide with a lot of content and text to leave enough free space. It’s also very effective to use sounds in your PowerPoint – it will make the viewing a bit more exciting. It is important that the music is suitable for the topic that you disclose in your work. Moreover, it is important to check that the room had special equipment that can play the sound of the presentation.