The name of the library that I visited at down town of Los Angeles is referred to as the Central library. It is located at 630 W 5th street in Los Angeles. The library was originally set up in 1926 of which, has been known to be amongst the top three largest libraries in US.  The library serves everybody hence, it may be considered to be a public library.

The library operates from 10 am to 8 pm on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the library operates from 10 am to 5 .30 pm. The library does not operate on public holidays. The library has a variety of materials which are accessible. Some of the materials that the library possess include: Books and journals, Indexes and the abstracts, CD ROMS and internet, newspapers, audio and video cassettes, Braille, microfilms and slides, photographs and posters, and finally the thesis and dissertations.

Capital library offers various facilities and services to its users. There is a computer centre where the locals and foreign users may access the internet and, do research work or get informed. There is a section that has the depository section where, the government documents are secured. When an individual wants to get informed about government policies and projections, it is at this section that would suffice the purpose. There is electronic information that concerns high school matters. There is also a language learning centre. This section has resources from various linguistic backgrounds. Foreigners find this section vital more so in boosting their language. In addition, the natives who may want to learn other languages often visit this section. There is also a low vision centre where individuals who are visual impaired may be assisted. This section has sophisticated equipments that enhance their readability or, gives them alternative options.

The library also offers lending services where individuals may borrow a book for certain duration of time depending on the availability of the book. There are also catalogues which are located that eases the process of identification of the books or the materials required. These catalogues are in electronic and manual forms. In addition there are photocopying services which is being offered. Adult literacy is being offered to give a chance for those adults that are illiterate to gunner some knowledge.

Capital library also possesses electronic resources and databases such as; the Access science where by the users are able to access online versions of materials such as the MC-Graw-Hill, the science and technology encyclopedias the research updates and the famous year books. There are also database such as the African American and their experiences and the access of the news papers. This library uses online system to administer most of its services. The availability of computers is widely noticed when one enters the library. The library seems to have an organized system and the operation is smooth. Despite the large number of user, services are delivered smoothly without causing commotion. One thing that fascinated me was the provision for volunteering services where the volunteers are given an option of interacting with various users to learn their cultures. There are also taken to various parts of the state to gather information to be stored in the library.

The service that this library seems to lack is a translator. I think a translator who understands the major world languages would suffice well to the users. Another option can be to have electronic translators that user may use to guide them. This may greatly assist the foreigners who may not understand the language of that particular region. Indeed, Capital library is a nice place to be when one wants to gunner general knowledge.