Jasper National Park is obviously a wonderful place to visit at any season of a year. A huge territory full of various plants, tress, and picturesque views cannot leave anyone ignorant. Late fall, as well as entire winter, are also especially good seasons for paying a visit to such a nice place.

Best winter vacations

Marmot Basin Skiing and Snowboarding
You may get there by taking a shuttle from any hotel, so extreme vacations are waiting for you! Remember, it takes guts to go down from the slope, but it is much fun when you get used to. In January, you can receive a 25% discount for lift pass, by the way.

Try Yourself at Hiking
You obviously should go through such routes as Athabasca Falls, Old Fort Point Trail, Trail 7 along the river, Athabasca Glacier, and Sunwapta Falls. Hiking in winter is possible, and it is one of the most exciting things to do in Jasper.

On the ice of course. There are many natural skating rinks for having fun. You may take your own equipment or rent a pair of skates.

Dogs Are Fast
You can order travel through picturesque places of Jasper on a dog sled! It is a unique mean of traveling within the park and a good opportunity to enjoy the views.

Long Distance Skiing
Instead of a daily workout, ski travel throughout Whistler Campground Loop, The Pipeline Trail, and Pyramid Lake Fire Road can become a good alternative, especially if you are running out winter getaway ideas.

Climb The Frozen Waterfall
In Maligne Canyon, you can climb a waterfall that gets frozen in winter. It will be a unique experience that is hard to compare with anything else. As for me, it is the most interesting thing to in Jasper National Park.

Biking with a Flat Tire
Low-pressure tires make biking on snow a possible and unusual activity. There are plenty of places to try that. But be sure that you can manage the control and driving: snow is still a treacherous thing for any extreme driver!

Open-air Swimming Pool
Take a pleasant bath in a heated pool outdoors. You won’t feel cold despite the snow around. It is the most delightful feeling you can ever experience. Don’t miss a chance to try that!

Walking on the Ice
Maligne Canyon is a perfect place for the ice walk. The river gets frozen, so it is possible to cross. However, hiring a guide and specific equipment is necessary for your safety. Have fun, but don’t risk your life:)