The Unique Selling Position (USP) of the company’s brand depends on the prevailing factors of the market. Indeed, the ability of a firm to make sufficient profit on any of their brands is pegged on the exceptional status of their selling position. As a result of this position, the company brand aggressively marketed; might attract potential customers’ attention, thereby increasing their urge for the brand. Therefore, the essay briefly outlines the unique position that the company might take in selling their tour brand, such as the Season Pack.

Seemingly, many brands do not sell since the intended customers are not aware of the existence of such a brand in the market or the customer’s knowledge of such brands is scarce. Therefore, a company should do all it takes to ensure that their customers are fully acquainted with all its brands so that selling might not prove a hard to imagine undertaking.  The awareness is created through advertising, for instance, “a very pocket friendly pack for tourists”.

Niche Positioning

Initially, the brand name has a lot of meaning for the intended customers (niche customers). In reality, the name itself is positioning the company to influx of tourists as a new season ushers in. Through strategic marketing, most of the customers would do their early booking so that they may secure the rare opportunities with the company. In addition, the customers may make early inquiries to enable them secure positions in the company’s luxurious to arrangements. The targeted customers for the tour brand include those wealthy individuals, who normally arrange for their holidays seasonally. Some of the advertisement the company may pose include, “great holiday pack, book now”.

Essentially, the customers’ holidays are arranged in a professional way that is entrusted with a special class in the society. Therefore, the company uses the Niche Positioning in their strategy to get more customers. In effect, the customers do not have to travel to the company to make prior arrangements. Similarly, it is the role of the company to send their representatives to have the audience with the clients, and to do the reservation. This is a unique positioning that the company plans with their tour brand. The advertisement such as, “the best surprise of the year is no surprise except for our surprise” could attract most of the potential customers.

On demographic terms, the intended audience is to come from the upper stratum of the demographic transition. It means that the new brand intends to attract a higher class in the society, not forgetting those in the middle stratum. It is also believed that, this positioning would enable the company to reap from the middle class, who also form a big percentage of the population.

Besides, the company intends to apply the technological way of booking for the pack, through their acceptance of an online application. In this method, the clients are able to make reservations via the internet. It is thus the responsibility of the company to ensure that their online system is updated and user friendly. Using the online system, the client is able to choose from a selected collection of tour and accommodations, which suit an individual’s desire. The clients have to be assured that the reservations that are done online are honored. Indeed, this new positioning is intended to make work easier as compared to the existing brands.

Notably, it is important to view the new positioning in terms of easy accessibility and reliability. Likewise, it helps save time and the financial resources that are associated with the previous selling position. On the other hand, the new position ensures that is not wasted as the client is able to carry on with his activities as he waits for his holiday arrangement. Also, it should be realized that the new positioning has nothing to do with personality, but with the clarity in the services that the company provide.


To sum, it is realized that the company brand might have direct benefits through the application of a unique selling position. In addition, marketing a new position has to be very aggressive to ensure that as many intended customers as possible, are reached. Even though the company requires clients from the higher stratum, other social class also has the opportunity make reservations. Also noticed is that the new marketing style and the application of the online system would make work easier than the previous marketing position.