One can hardly deny the fact that the best movies in the history of humankind have been produced in the USA. Neither is there a reason to argue that pieces that can be claimed “the worst” also originate from the USA. Anyway, the fact remains that the movie production represents a large part of the American entertainment paradigm. Among all the things it has to offer, film festivals are the most beloved form of entertainment. So, let’s waste no more time and see what this whole hustle is about.

American Film Festivals are next:

  • Telluride Film Festival

Each autumn, artists, movie makers, and all the people who feel passionate about the cinema come to Telluride, which is a small mountainous town in Colorado, to show their work at what is claimed to be one of the world’s best film festivals. If you are tired of ubiquitous TV shows and want to admire independent films, this festival should be your number one destination.

  • Palm Springs Film Festival

It’s not only the beauty of the location, which is in the mountainous California, that makes this festival stand out, but also an astonishing line-up that features the majority of Foreign Film Oscar Submissions. That is why it’s considered to be a preparation point before the actual Oscar and holds one of the most prestigious places in the list of festivals.

  • Los Angeles Film Festival

Los Angeles Film Festival boasts of more than 200 movies of different genres: from documentaries to music videos. However, sometimes it’s not the movie that is in the center of attention but all the hustle and bustle around the Red Carpet event and premiere nights, when all the favorites of the public stand in front of the cameras at their finest.

  • Dances with Films

Unlike the above mentioned festivals this one features mostly unknown works of yet little known authors. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that these works of art deserve less attention. On the contrary, this festival is considered as a platform where new talents are discovered and connections are made. Needless to say, its main advantage lies in the fresh outlook and absence of hackneyed topics.

  • New York Film Festival

With a long history, which dates back to 1963, this festival celebrates the art of cinema, avoiding the pressure of competition. It is also known as the second long-running festival in the USA.

As you can see, America has a long lasting tradition of celebrating films, old as well as new. Hopefully, this years’ festival will present the works of art that will become our favorite in the nearest future.