Sometimes, if a first-year student is not academically and mentally ready for studying, he or she might even fail classes. Usually, the process of transition is easy; but if you have some troubles, we can analyze their possible causes.

First Year Seminar Classes for College Freshmen

There are classes that teach first year students how to improve their academic skills and to make the most of their life in college. These classes might be of great help for the struggling freshmen. Educational research proves that the first year seminars are one of the most effective academic retention methods.

Keeping Work and College Life in Balance

If students work a lot and do not have enough time to study, they will definitely face some academic troubles. First-year learners are usually surprised by the amount of time that is needed for studies. If a student wants to be successful, he or she needs to make academia and not a job the first priority. Learners can work a lot during holidays, but it is better for them to work no more than 20 hours during a normal studying week.

Academic Preparation for Successful Freshmen

Some first-year students need to work harder than their peers do to achieve academic success. If the student did not work hard enough in high school, college life might be rather challenging. In this case, it is advisable to look for assistance in order not to drop out. For example, a student might find a good tutor or find helpful websites online (we can recommend to avoid freshmen troubles.

College Freshmen Involvement

In order to enjoy their freshmen life to the fullest, it is advisable for students to engage in various on-campus activities. Students that participate in extracurricular activities tend to be more successful and content with their academic life than those who do not.