The Effects of Dissertation Writing Services on Higher Education

I have finished university 10 years ago, but my younger brother has started studying at the university a couple of years ago. The level of technology which he can now utilize throughout his academic career is totally different from the one that was available to me while I was studying, so it became very interesting to me how it affects him and other university students. On one hand, it should benefit students greatly because everything became much easier and knowledge became much more accessible, but on the other hand, people have more ways to procrastinate and plainly waste their time. One of the things which I was especially interested in was dissertation writing services. At one point I became so motivated to research this matter that I have contacted one of these services, name of which I don’t want to mention here, and went to Quality Assurance Specialist to find out more about what they do. At first, I wanted to know who prefers to buy dissertation online, but I ended up finding out a lot more than just that.

Here are the main questions about writing services that I asked myself and found answers to:

  • Question #1: How Are These Writing Services Working?

Understanding how dissertation writing services work is not an easy task because there are plenty of them and a lot claim that they’re the best and have the best algorisms ever. How should a student who wants to buy dissertation online choose, if everyone is saying that their service is the best? Let’s leave this question to those who are using cheap marketing techniques and try to understand how they work. First of all these services are usually called dissertation writing, consulting and editing services, because if they were called “essay writing services” Google would simply ban them. Students who come to websites like this are able to order dissertation papers, terms papers, academic papers, research papers and also proofreading and editing services. Payment is made via the dissertation writing service and price depends on such factors as deadline, quantity of pages, academic level etc. A lot of companies offer discounts such as “special first order prices.”

  • Question #2: Who Orders Custom Papers?

Who wants to buy dissertation online? Surprisingly two countries who are using these services the most are the United States of America and the United Kingdom. According to the recent research on the topic students from such respected educational institutions as Imperial College London, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, the University of Michigan,   the University of Edinburgh and the University of Westminster prefer to buy dissertation online. Subjects that students need assistance with the most are law, finance, economics, marketing and logistics.

  • Question #3: Why Do Students Use These Writing Services?

There are actually many reasons why students do this, but mostly they do it for two reasons which are lack of time and lack of language knowledge. Another reason is that many students strongly dislike writing essays and they seek to delegate this task whenever it is possible. The most popular reason to buy dissertation online though, is lack of time which is grounded in the necessity to combine work and studies. With the high cost of tuition students need to work in order to be able to pay for their education. Ironically, they earn money to study, which deprives them of the time to study.

  • Question #4: How Popular Are They?

Just as services like Amazon or Uber, dissertation writing services are created to help people solve problems and for this reason, they become more and more popular. According to the recent studies the number of people who buy dissertation online has increased and over the last three years, the monthly amount of orders has almost tripled.

It is difficult to see the effect of using dissertation writing services on higher education because it’s a rather new phenomenon. However, it allows students with busy schedules to find balance between work and studies and it assists those who have poor language get better grades and proceed with their studies.
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If you look for a number of reasons that will make you opt for our assignment help online, then the ensuing facts will unequivocally convey a positive impression on you.

  • Dealing with complex topics

At the very beginning of your studying path, the topics assigned might seem to be uncomplicated and easily managed without the help of professional writers. Nevertheless, with the flow of time the assignments will become more and more sophisticated. Our writers will help you to get stellar grades for even the most difficult topics without suffering.

  • Compiling flawless introductions

Some might say that the conclusion is the most important part of any piece of writing. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not. Despite the value of the whole writing, the focal point is always an introduction. Professors need to read through hundreds of writings for a semester so if you want your essay to stand out, a powerful introduction is required. Our service will give you a helping hand with writing the one for you as well as providing an online guidance.

  • Eliminating plagiarism and proper citing

Plagiarism is believed to be the biggest sin in the academic world and avoiding it is a must. Nonetheless, unconscious and unwanted plagiarism exists and many find it to be a big headache. Our academic scholars are seasoned writers who not only never plagiarize but also know proper citing. They are experienced in implementing necessary referencing styles, so no one will ever accuse you of the academic mortal sin – plagiarism.

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Do you wonder how our professional team manages to compile a perfect piece of writing?

The following list of actions will dispel any doubts you have

  • We conduct a research first

Before even thinking about writing a paper for you, our writers undertake a number of researches to use only valid and accurate data. Apart from the materials provided by you, they look through online journals, libraries, and even our internal database to ensure the credibility of their words.

  • We write a draft

Not everyone comes to terms with the fact that drafting is not a piece of cake because not everyone understands what a draft actually is. Reduce the level of stress simply posting an order on our website. You need to provide our writers with the topic and materials you have and they will critically analyze the sources you have and their relevance to the theme. They will facilitate the whole process of writing for you simply eliminating unnecessary details and creating a well-structured outline.

  • We continue with writing

Looking for “assignment help online,” many implement another meaning into this phrase – “write this assignment for me, I am begging you!” There is no need to worry, our writers will follow the structure created during the draft-stage and keeping in mind vital points and instructions given by your professor.

  • We conclude and edit

Summing up all ideas presented in the writing and making logical conclusions as well as not introducing new ideas is crucially vital for the conclusion. Last but not least, the stage of the first magnitude is proofreading. Our team of editors will carefully check the writing before sending it to you.

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