There is an old joke. “How do you name someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. How do you name someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. How do you name someone who speaks one language? American.”
Sad, but true – most Americans do not attempt to learn foreign languages since English has become a lingua franca. But do people learn languages only because they have to? No, it is so because it has multiple benefits!

Why to learn a language: Top reasons

1. Develop confidence. Learning a foreign language, you may conquer your fears of meeting new people and traveling to other countries.

2. Learn to make better choices. Surprisingly, studies have found out that people who speak foreign languages make better decisions in a more confident way.

3. Boost your brainpower. Another study has revealed that students, who learn languages, show better results at standard tests, compared to their monolingual peers. Moreover, it also affects the grey matter in your brain in a way physical exercises build your muscles.

4. Get more from traveling. When you know a foreign language, traveling becomes more than only taking pictures. You can speak to locals, make new friends and get a really unforgettable experience.

5. Become a better employee. In our globalized world, most large companies are continuously expanding overseas and require employees who know foreign languages. Therefore, if you know at least one, your chances to get a high-paid job are much higher.

6. Study or live abroad. Is there any country, where you would like to live or study? You approach a step closer to realizing this dream, if you learn its language.

7. Open your mind. Studies show that knowing a foreign language improves your understanding of yourself and of the world.

8. Learn other cultures. Studying a second language, you learn about its culture – everything, including arts, poetry, literature, movies, music, and food. This experience is incredibly enriching.

9. Meet new people. When you learn different languages, you increase your circle of friends. Globally.

10. Impress people. Imagine yourself with a friend in a fancy restaurant ordering something like Boeuf Bourguignon and perfectly pronouncing this name.

Do you like these benefits of learning a second language? Then stop making excuses – go ahead and start learning any language you like!