Make Easter Great Again!

Easter can get hectic if it’s not planned well. If that happens, most probably, you’ll be chasing your kids as they run away with colored eggs around your apartment while you need to cook food. Here are top8 tips to make a proper Easter celebration.

If you have a big family, then you’ll probably need a lot of eggs for all the little guys. If you use real eggs and boil them, most definitely, a lot of eggs will go to waste. Wasted food means wasted money, and no one likes wasted money. Save some money by buying plastic eggs and filling each egg with quarter of dime or a little candy. This way, your kids will definitely have more fun, but there will be less mess. In case you want to color eggs, just buy, boil and color a dozen of real eggs, and for the rest – use plastic ones.

Simple food

All family gatherings have two sides – on the one hand, it’s a lot of fun, and on the other hand, it’s a lot of chores, because preparing a large table for everyone takes a lot of efforts. Make it less stressful by preparing simple foods like cinnamon rolls, fruits, muffins, and pancakes. Don’t make it too complicated. Simple menu doesn’t mean that it’s a less tasty menu, but it definitely means less hustle.

The Golden Egg

Remember the entertaining tradition where one egg is called a Golden Egg containing the jackpot ($5 or $10) from the Grandpa? Honor this tradition and your egg hunt will be much funnier!

Use the help of older kids

If you have kids who are 12 years old or older, then hunting Easter eggs won’t be so interesting for them. Instead of letting them participate in kids’ activities, let them help you with something that you were usually doing, like hiding eggs. If they can help you with cleaning, that would be even better.

Prepare in advance

The more prepared for Easter you are, the less stress you will experience. So, better start planning ahead. Better prepare the food, the eggs, the basket and the Easter Sunday clothes one day before the Easter. On the Easter day, you should wake up, make sure that everything and everyone’s ready and just have a good time.

Throw up an egg-coloring party. Get crayons, rubber bands, cheesecloth and other food coloring tools and spend some time with your kids and family coloring eggs one day before the Easter. I think that it’s even more entertaining than hunting them!

Separate little and big kids

Let’s face it – if big kids go hunting eggs together with the little ones, they will find everything before the little guys take two steps. To make it fair and more fun, separate them in groups by age.

Have fun whatever happens

No family gathering can happen without a little bit of stress, but that’s what makes it fun! It’s like a couple of drops of Tabasco on your salad. Yes, it makes the food hot, but it also makes it tastier. Don’t worry about the tiny problems that might pop-up – they’re inevitable. Better have fun whatever happens.

Happy Easter!