It turns out that we’re specialists in sabotaging our dreams. Some people don’t realize the problem and don’t do anything about it, on the other hand, some people realize the situation, but find it difficult to change something. This article is dedicated to every person’s forgotten dream.

  1. We give to someone else what we want for ourselves

I’ve taught high school students, college students, graduate students, inmates in prison, and people on retreats. That’s what I like doing the most! I’m very vigilant in understanding the inner world of my students and helping them to understand how they can learn effectively. The focus that I’m giving to my students is something that I often miss in my own life. And all of us often do this: we find it more difficult to give to ourselves, but we’re constantly giving to someone else.

  1. We listen to this ugly voice in our head

A couple of years ago I became completely overwhelmed and exhausted because of the amount of work and family chores that I had. Then, I decided to spend a couple of days completely alone – without my husband, kids, and dog. It was a great and appropriate idea so I decided to go for a three-day silent retreat. However, very soon, that ugly voice in my head started asking me all kinds of silly questions: Can my husband manage it? What will he eat? Will he remember that he needs to help our son? It took me some time to realize that the voice was completely disconnected from reality. The wave of resentment arose, because of my decision to step out of my comfort zone. For a while, it made me use my husband as my way out. Don’t let this ugly voice spoil your life.

  1. We think that we can’t afford it

While sometimes this is true, there are situations when the words ‘can’t afford’ simply mean, “I don’t deserve this”. If you identify that you have this thought, you’d better start changing your state of mind right now. You want to go on a special vacation? Start saving money! You want a new car? Go for it! Again, we’re talking about the limitations that exist only in our minds.

  1. We think we will do it when the time is right

Even though there are situations when we really have to wait till the time is right, in most cases, we don’t have the right circumstances and we have to act from where we are now. Because all you have is NOW, and if you don’t do this now, then when?  By postponing what we really want to do, we’re simply stockpiling our dreams. After the death of my mother, I discovered a closet filled with empty notebooks and pens in her little office. She always dreamed to write, but never had time, or was too tired for it. She had thought that there would be more time, until all her time ran out. Do you want to be like her and live your life without seeing your dreams come true?

Follow your dreams – they have a lot to offer!