Experience is a big thing. Having 30 + years behind, it is easy to judge yourself in the past. I did, so here are some pieces of advice for those who are 18+:

1. You have to keep in mind that any fortune or misfortune you encounter when you are 18 will mean nothing in 20 years. Are you a captain of a football team? Its great, but I doubt whether you will have great achievements in this sphere in the future. Things that make you feel yourself exceptional in a group of 30 classmates will look different in a group of thousands of students. Scared? There is no need to! It has to inspire you! Those difficulties and worries you are bothered by in present will soon disappear, giving way to new complexities and chances. This is the reality.

2. Respect your body because you do not have another one. People manage to do lots of silly things before they realize they are not immortal.

3. First love…. One of the purest feelings in life. Fall in love, enjoy it, but remember that it is too fragile to last long. If you break up, don’t weep too long. Just remember the best moments and let go.

4. Don’t spend much money. Learn to save. Apply for scholarships.

5. You shouldn’t consider yourself too intelligent. Knowledge is never enough. Learning is a continuous process with no end.

6. Don’t miss opportunities. Your youth is a big treasure. Live, fall in love, travel, set and reach your goals!

7. Take it easy! Of course, what you do now determines what you will be in the future, but if you work persistently all the time, make friends easily, treat people in a proper way, you’ll become a cool guy.

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