While Morocco is definitely an awesome place to enjoy your leisure time as a tourist!

There are some things, which are not to be done by tourists in this country. Let me guide you through the most essential ones!

  • Never Show Even a Slightest Disrespectfor Islam

Remember that 90% of the population in the target country recognize Islam. Moreover, it is Morocco’s state religion which requires ultimate respect and adhering to its major requirements. You are a guest here, so do not offend locals. Actually, Morocco is among the most liberal and easygoing countries in the Islamic world, but the more you are welcome here, the more respect and appropriateness of your behavior is expected. If you are curious about Islam – ask, but never share questionable and controversial opinions on the subject. Do not enter certain areas (there are mosques and shrines, which are not to be entered by non-Muslims), dress reasonably modest, in accordance with local customs, and mind your opinion on Islam and its heritage in the modern world.

  • Disrespect for the Monarchy is Also Offensive

Well, evident and rude disrespect can do even more harm than offending the locals – the sentence up to three years in jail may be the final outcome. Defacing anything that encompasses the king’s image is also forbidden. Respect both Moroccan religion and laws for a trouble-free trip.

  • Pick the Right Hand for Eating

Meals in Morocco also require following certain traditions. For instance, the prevailing majority of food should be eaten with hands. Here, you should be careful and use only your right hand for eating the food. The reason is that the left hand is positioned as unclean in Morocco, since they use it to clean with after going to the WC. Well, it is not a sin or a criminal act, but a certain unaccepted gesture.

  • Leave Your Beachwear on the Beach

This aspect refers to the aforementioned respect for Islam, but cannot be emphasized strong enough: dressing rules are fairly conservative in Morocco even nowadays. Beachwear is absolutely inappropriate for a visit to Morocco regardless the hot temperatures. All your awesome bikinis and bathing suits are for the beach only, and hotels, cafes or restaurants are no exception.

Well, apart from strict rules and things never to do in Morocco, there is also much fun, so make sure you:

  • Explore more than just Marrakesh! Essaouria, Ouzoud Waterfalls, Ouarzazate, and the Ourika Valley are other hot spots in the area.
  • Taste their famous mint tea! It is a national drink as couscous is a national dish.
  • Try haggling in the souks, traditional markets in Morocco.

Let these tips guide you in this exotic country so that you enjoy it as much as possible.