December is a special month; it brings the feeling of a holiday and everything starts buzzing in Christmas preparations. From all around, you can hear about sparkling family traditions, different gatherings and the spirit of unity.  So you get a bit of a Grinch mood when anticipating that this Christmas you will spend on your own. There are plenty of reasons that spoil your holiday; the hint is not to fall for them.

When you’re alone at Christmas

If there is a chance to take control over your depressive circumstances, go for it! Rearrange your Christmas and enjoy your time. It’s much better than hibernating the whole month, trust me.

You don’t have to perform feats to make your Christmas bright and enjoyable. Take small steps to create your holiday atmosphere.

First of all, put some decorations to give a feeling of Christmas. At least, do something small like a tiny Christmas tree on your desk or a glowing garland above your bed. Even these simple details will involve you in the celebration. Don’t let yourself being excluded from Christmas this year.

Get rid of the dreadful feeling when everyone’s celebrating except you. Make a plan, think of the special activities, maybe, find some alternatives to Christmas clichés. It must be something exciting for you. Bonus: you don’t have to avoid “What are you doing this Christmas?” question anymore.

Whatever homebody you are, don’t spend all day alone. Find a company to celebrate with. Call your friends, visit your family, host a dinner, become a Christmas volunteer. People around will certainly make your day by simply saying “Merry Christmas!”

Take your time to gather thoughts. If you really have a sad reason not to celebrate this year, don’t pretend to be happy. Think of your life, of the past year, of the meaning of Christmas. This holiday bears hope. This is the day when Jesus was born. He came to this world to become our redeemer, and He certainly knows how to overcome difficulties.

This season I wish you to be happy. You have a chance to start over!