This is an American English-language internationally supplied newspaper which is also reportedly the largest newspaper in the United States in terms of circulation. It is published by Dow Jones and Company a division of News Corporation. The main topics of interest covered by this great journal are American economic and international business news and reports. It has been printed a good number of times and has consequently won numerous awards since its inception way back 1889.  In 1902, a journalist Clarence Barron purchased control of the company for 130 thousand U.S $. He made sure to create an atmosphere of fearlessness, and independent financial reporting which saw him drastically increasing the number of copies been circulated.

The predecessors of this man also did exemplary well especially in the 1940s when there was massive industrial developme3nt in the United States. However this journal recorded its first loss in 1997 due to increasing newsprint costs and declining advertising. In the millennium, the paper has undergone numerous online expansions which have seen it gaining a larger market share than most of its arch rivals. With great personalities daily monitoring the performance of the paper and formulating useful strategies that would help keep the paper aloof, the paper went as far as starting advertising on the front page for the first time in over 50 years. This captivated the readers of the paper and even gives them more reason to read the Wall Street Journal.

The wall Street Journal is definitely one of the best selling journals allover the world with very few other journals giving it a run for its money. Logically, this will imply that all the fame directed to this paper is not because there are no other competitors but simply because the said competitors cannot benchmark this. The paper covers economic news in the vast union of American states. It derives its name from Wall Street located in New York City, this is the global financial epicenter or rather better the global financial heart, therefore by giving its clients both local and internationally the news about their financial heart, it stands the best ground to be  preferred to other journals.

The journal also focuses its attention and elaborates on issues affecting other major economic centers for instance those in Europe. The Wall Street Journal is therefore still the most competent journal as it ensures that it keeps people alerted on any useful economical information this justifies why the same journal has gone ahead to win a lot of titles and to consequently gain a wider market area allover the world.

Politically, we get to understand that the very powerful editorial board of The Wall Street journal has over the years argued for a less restrictive policy in matters concerning immigration. This implies that they support immigration therefore believe that the government policies on immigration should not b e very tight. This p[positive outlook on immigration reforms has opened critics directly attacking the journal and has also put the journal as a direct opponent to many of the conservatives who are selfish and egocentric and would like and support strict immigration formalities.

They are also great supports for the United States of America support for the Israeli State and are openly opposed to the possibility or even reality of a Palestinian state. The Wall Street journal though initially presumed a business journal, does not fail to notice that it has a part to play in the rising concern over environmental safety worldwide. Subject to this, it has a section where it gives the readers a review of the current global environmental conditions, warns on the wrongs and seeks to help in providing a way forward on this critical issues, with this strong characteristics of the journal, it definitely manages to stand aloof.