The external influence I have chosen in this essay is medical technology. Medical technology provides new diagnostic procedures, advanced drugs or devices that improve the quality of life and keep in check chronic conditions. The use of this has a great impact on health care organizations as well as health care administrators and they are as follows.

The organizations need a high skilled workforce to handle the management of information systems. Various professionals in the health sector need training to be able to use technology in their service delivery. The stake holders in the health care provision may require funding research & clinical trails related to the technologies they wish to adopt. In Canada the University of Calgary’s faculty of medicine has researched on the use of an iphone to diagnose stroke (Mitchell JR, et al 2011).

Medical technology also influences various health policies in terms of assessment to ensure safety, quality, efficacy and effectiveness. These policies may be on the innovation of drugs, devices and clinical procedures. It also impacts on central planning by these organizations to reduce utilization of high technology procedures to control medical costs. The health care administrators who adopt various medical technologies are able to contain costs and improve the quality of health care given to the patients.

With minimized error in capturing of the data for the patients cases of misdiagnosis are reduced and the appropriate treatments given and follow up of patients’ cases is easier. The daily administration of the health facilities is more effective in records, billing, budgeting. The health administrators are dependent on the information systems for timely management of data. The health administrators reorganize their care delivery set up as with changing medical technology to ensure that they are patient centered health care providers.