There was increased unemployment between 1930 and at the start of the president Franklin Delano first term in the office in 1933 as a result of the great depression of the 1930s. Employers sacked individuals on the basis of their race, ethnicity and religious background. Even though the Native Americans also suffered, the Americas’ most visible ethnic, racial and religious minorities suffered greatly. Latino and African American did not only suffer from malnutrition but also from hunger that caused despair and diseases among them and this was compounded when nativism and racism became more profound. During the great depression the launching of the African American increased significantly.

The main reason why people dislike and fear one another can be attributed to the great depression of the 1930. The cotton prices of the 1930s led to an increase in the ethnic, racial and religious divide. Neighborhoods that were influxes with ethnically diverse individuals turn to violence that ended up separating them racially and religiously. The economic condition of the time was simply related to hate crime as a result of the political leaders’ convinced the public specific groups on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion and they are blamed for the violence and Nazi regime against these groups.

Furthermore, the depression led to women and other races to be placed at home and being forced out of jobs as a result of their race, ethnicity or religion so that people from certain religious, ethnic and racial background could take up their jobs. This also resulted into high rate of unemployment in American society. Additionally, the society became more conservative as there was less time and discrimination on the leisure activities on the basis of religion, ethnicity and race.

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