Traditional media is the means of communication that has been in existence before the emergence of the new media’s that include internet, bill boards, blogs and analog broadcast. The traditional media include; Radio, Television, Magazines and newspapers. Traditional media has been preferred over a long period of time because it is said to have authority and credibility. It is considered the most viable to all people regardless of where they are.

Traditional media is efficient and effective due to the fact that it weighs the ethical responsibilities of fairness, objectivity and accuracy. It follows a careful execution of presenting any information to the targeted public. (Bryant, 2009: 86)

Andrew Haughton who is a strategy consultant at the Deloitte argues that, with the emerging new/social media that are used in advertising, no one is sure of the impact that it has on the consumers. He says that the social media is only based on ongoing and rapid innovation and thus no one really understands how it actually works.

However, it has been pointed out that social media is still at its infancy and it still needs time to grow and gain momentum. It needs time before it is concluded on its effectiveness.

According to the New York Times, traditional media in advertising is still preferred by many consumers in contrast to the digital media mode of advertising. It reported that, many consumers who get to see the adverts of products through the traditional media are more relaxed and in an entertainment mood thus appealing to their interest to try out on the advertised products. They therefore, find time in which they can go round and shop for the new products that they saw through the traditional media. The other consumers of the social media/ digital media are said to be always in a busy mood or in a situation of solving a problem over the social network. That is when the bump into and advert, in this case when they are out of the social network majority of them will have forgotten the ad completely. The social ads consumers only purchase products when they bump on them and they remember the ad they saw.

Most people who use the internet to search information to or looking for answers for some things get irritated by ads that pop in all the time. Therefore, social media ads are not viable if it were to reach a large number of people.

Advertising through the use of television is still considered as the most authoritative medium for any company to advertise on.  It is termed as the only media that utilizes sound, colour, motion, site, and emotion to deliver a particular message.  Television is the most effective medium for branding a company or an organization. Many large multinational companies like the McDonald and coca cola advertise their products on a regular basis through the traditional media, not because they are not known or their products not known but because of the power of advertising on the consumers. It is widely known that constant advertising makes the company be known and its image is built in the eyes of the consumers. They gain credibility and people feel safe with its products those other emerging products in the market.

The constant massaging of companies products stick on the minds of the consumers or the people watching or listening to the commercial and becomes a number one priority to them. This strategy becomes a very effective and efficient marketing strategy of a company for the long term goals.

Advertising through the radio allows a business holder to demographically aim at their core customer foundation. This means of advertising is very traditional and is viable to places that technology has not set its foot. There are so many vernacular stations all over the world that are done in the native language that the people of a given location are able to hear and understand. Therefore, the use of radio to advertise is very effective for companies because they are able to reach all their consumers regardless of their location and the language used in such a place. This gives companies who use traditional media an upper hand to the ones who use the social media in that social media is limited to literacy.

Furthermore, radio is not just used when there is electricity. Radio can be used anywhere regardless of whether there is electricity or on. It does not need a lot of infrastructure for it to be used.  In this sense it reaches even the remotest people in the world. Most people in the remote areas have access to radios and they are very excited to buy a product that they heard it be advertised on radio. They believe that products that are advertised are the best quality and it is associated with prestige. (Kant, 2010: 104)

Advertisements that are done through the print media are said to reach the literate few. This is not true though. Adverts that are designed in the print media in most cases do not a lot of literature on it. They are just beautifully designed, beautiful colours put on them and that attracts even the illiterate to look at them. You find that in the most remotes parts of the world, when the people find an old newspaper of magazine, they are quick to look at the pictures in it rather than the literature. Therefore, print media is the only fastest way to attract the interest of varied types of consumers regardless of their social class or education background.

Traditional advertising are considered effective in the sense that they follow the right procedure for advertising. They consider the ethical aspects of advertising and they respect the choice of their consumers. They do not advertise products or services that are not appropriate to the social ethics of the society. They know what to air and not to air in given regions. Unlike the social media where they air about anything as long as it is sellable. It is for this reason that most people or producers have decided to stick to the traditional media which cannot tarnish the image of the company.

Traditional media are also preferred because the command authority. The messages that are being sent through the traditional media to the consumers of such messages are carefully designed. They take a lot of time and involve the creativity of the highest order. They design the message having the consumer in mind and what the consumer would think if they were to look at the advert.

Many people all over the world watch television, listen to the radio and even read the newspapers. Therefore, the traditional media is the most viable means of reaching a wide consume range and still set the marketing strategy based on the responses. In the case of the social media, the effectiveness cannot be easily measured and determined if the consumers were appealed through it.


It is said that old is gold. The traditional media is as old as tradition itself and it is the one that appeals to the majority of media consumers. Advertising through the traditional media yields result not only in the short term but also on the long term in the sense that it builds the image of the company. It is therefore, paramount that people realize this means of advertising as viable as much as the emergence of the other media pose a stiff competition.