Countries with the Best Education System

There is a vast majority of methods and techniques each country uses in order to promote its education system policy. Let’s look thought the list of the best places for education in order to decide which system is the best and provide our children with the best education.


with its national system of education, known as the Australian Qualifications Framework, pays a special attention to the secondary education funding. It is the 10th biggest spender of the OECD, and with its world-class system of education, Australia is considered to be the 5th popular destination for international enrolments.


The successful performance of Singapore pupils in Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) in 2015 on the primary and secondary levels shows that Singapore’s education system based on grades and examination emphasis has been justified. Singapore has shown top rate educational performance in math and science according to the PISA survey.


is another Asian country, which technological development and orientation towards extracurricular activities in terms of the educational process, leads the country to the top in the world’s education ranking. According to the PISA tests, it is the world’s second most literate country.

South Korea

The level of literacy in South Korea, which is 99.2% of males and 96.6% of females, speaks for itself. In the span of the last three years, South Korea, with the help of hard work (kids study 7 days per week) and strong funding system, has become a competitive rival on the education system arena.


Being recently replaced by Asian countries, Finland remains to hold the 5th position on the list of countries with the best education system. Unlike, for example, South Korea, Finland’s system of education excels with short school days filled with school-sponsored game educational activities. One of the peculiarities of Finn schools is that pupils don’t receive marks up to the 4th grade. Moreover, Finn teachers are specially selected professionals with the required master’s degree, who go through the best education in the world.


The literacy of Norway, which reaches virtually 100%, can’t be ignored while talking about the best world’s places for education. According to the OECD education ranking data, Norway is a Scandinavian country that managed to fill the place in the top ten of the most educated countries, including numeracy, literacy and science. It gives way for Asian countries but overtakes the UK.

The Netherlands

Holding the 10th position in the PISA survey, Dutch pupils are considered to be the happiest according to the UNICEF study in 2013. The interesting fact is that in Dutch schools pupils are encouraged to start studying foreign languages such as English, French and German as well as other subjects such as biology and history in the primary school.

Other high-ranked countries with good education systems, according to the PISA survey, are Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, education’s performance of which every year becomes better.

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