Today, many young people are studying abroad since it is a good way to receive a progressive and professional education. They want to study in developed countries as it is an opportunity to acquire deep knowledge and change their life to better. Studying abroad is a great chance to learn or improve your knowledge of language, develop self-dependence, find new friends, get new experience and so on. However, there are some disadvantages such as homesickness, culture shock, and financial difficulties.

Studying abroad is a serious step in your life, therefore, you have to think over all advantages and disadvantages. presents you some reasons why studying abroad is a good choice:

  • It is the best way to learn language since you will be surrounded by native speakers and will hear language in the proper cultural context.
  • It is a good opportunity to learn another culture as it is interesting to know different interesting facts about new country, get knowledge about beliefs, perceptions and values of new people.
  • It allows you to travel. You can visit different, beautiful places and acquire many nice impressions.
  • It is a good way to find new friends from all over the world as you will not be the only one who leaves home to go abroad.
  • It will help you to develop self-reliance since you will learn how to overcome difficulties and find appropriate solutions to the problems.
  • It increases your employment opportunities because you will acquire more skills, learn new language, develop independence and become able to cope with problems and overcome difficult situations. Many employers value these qualities.

Nevertheless, it is individual choice whether to study abroad or not. You should remember that it is you and only you decide how to live your life. But please listen to advice, don’t be afraid to risk since nothing ventured, nothing gained!