The question of staying on campus during summer is ambiguous. Before making such a decision, students should think over all cons and pros. Many students leave home but there are some who stay on campus.

There are some main factors you have to consider before deciding where to spend your summer holidays. Therefore, provides you with some issues to consider before making such a decision:

• A lot of your classmates will go home. Campus will be different as there will be visiting students, summer camps, conferences, etc. You will meet many new people but it is a good possibility to find new friends.

• Staying on campus will be reasonable if you have on-campus job. Helping your professor with something will greatly help you during the next academic year. If you have a job on campus you are used to, not leaving home will be good for you as you will stay working.

• If you will go home for summer holidays, returning to college will be hard for you. Being on campus during summer will not bring you feeling of being upset and frustrated in the beginning of new academic year. When all students will miss their homes, you will be ready for studying.

• Staying on campus can bring you some new opportunities. You will have a lot of time which you can spend doing what you want. You can take extra classes, begin indulging in sports, or become a volunteer. You will have all summer for your hobby and will do whatever you want.

So, it is your decision how to spend your summer holidays. Take into account all advantages and disadvantages of staying on campus and leaving home. Remember that whatever choice you make, it will be yours.