Though college is the most advantageous and exciting time, it is fraught with danger. While you are in college, you should be very attentive and careful in order not to get into a dangerous situation. For this very reason, offers useful tips to ensure students’ safety in college:

Always check if you locked the room door. Your door should be locked so that strangers cannot enter your room.

Don’t let anyone you don’t know in your dorm. Be very attentive to people who ask you to let them in the dorm. You may let someone in if you recognize their faces since within 1-2 months most students remember their neighbors.

Take care of your keys. If you lost your keys, you should immediately inform your roommate and change door lock.

Don’t forget to lock the windows. You should pay attention not only to locking the door but windows as well.

Record the emergency numbers in your cell phone. Put important emergency numbers in your phone so that you can make a call in case something is going wrong.

Never go somewhere alone at night. Night time is the most dangerous, therefore, make sure that there is always someone else with you.

Inform others about your location. Let your roommate or friend know where you are and with whom, this will ensure your safety.

Learn the phone number of campus security. You can never guess in what situation you will need the campus security.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. When you are drunk, you cannot control yourself and that is why you become an easy target.

Keep track of drinks. Whenever you are at party, keep an eye on your drink since today many rapes take place because of Rohypnol which can be added to the beverage and leads to difficulty with motor function, disorientation, and sleepiness.

Remember that sticking to these tips will help you to stay safe in college!