Working with children is always a very difficult task, especially when teachers have to deal with disabled students. Children with different types of disability need particular attention. Being limited in their opportunities, such children have their personal desires. Moreover, they have a lot of psychological problems which create additional difficulties. Working with disabled children, teachers should be very careful in their words and actions. At the same time, they have to make sure that they treat them as others. While teaching children with special needs, it is important to follow some rules. All teachers know these rules, and they always do all possible to meet them.

Some Rules for Quality Special Education for Disabled Children

–          Children with special needs may attend ordinary classes. It depends on a situation and a disability. If a child feels comfortable in the ordinary school, he/she may visit it.

–          Children should visit special schools if they are unable to get the knowledge they should in ordinary schools.

–          No matter which school children attend, the teacher should treat them differently in achieving the educational goals. Children with special needs are to receive other tasks. Teachers have to develop a special curriculum aimed at meeting the educational goals and the abilities of a child.

–          Special education requires a lot of additional efforts, attention, and patience.

–          Information technologies are very helpful to the development of a plan for students with special needs. It is important to make sure that students are satisfied with what they do and that they do not feel any discomfort about the process of education.

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